2 Celebrities Who Were War Heroes That You May Not Know

Celebrities can catch us off guard, for better or worse, (but often for the latter). Well, maybe all the time for worse, if you want me to speak out plainly. But sometimes they can surprise us in a better way, which is why we'd like to resurrect for you some of our favorite tales of bravery in battle from unexpectedly famous people. In this article, we present you Audrey Hepburn and Sir Christopher Lee, two of the most unexpected war heroes.

1. Audrey Hepburn Aided The Dutch Resistance Against The Nazi Germany

Despite the fact that Audrey Hepburn was still living in her sixties and appeared in some of the most renowned films of all time, including Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady, most people have a fairly set image of her as being around 30 years old.

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Some people have the idea that she met her demise around her 30s

Her decades of charitable efforts after she retired from acting are largely unknown. Even little is known about her activities prior to her acting career.
In order to resist Hitler's rule during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in the 1940s, the Dutch Resistance looked for every available means of to fight back against them.
Audrey Hepburn had a role in that, which may seem absurd considering that she was undoubtedly a young child in the 1940s, but you'd be amazed at how intriguing resistance tactics may become.
Hepburn was trained in ballet and dancing as a child. Similar to a wartime Footloose, the resistance saw this as a means to use dance to combat the Nazis.

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Well, no, and luckily, the Nazi Germany didn't have any anti-dance robots

This resulted in a string of invite-only, illegal musical events known as "black evenings," so named because the venues' blackened windows concealed the interiors from Nazi observation. They generated money to shelter thousands of Jewish people who were being hunted by the Nazis.
Audrey was famished the entire time, but she gave several concerts in these dark evenings, garnering a sizable amount of money.
Being a member of an aristocratic family and residing with her baroness mother in the estate known as Castle Doom, she had the option of either becoming a war hero or a supervillain.

2. Sir Christopher Lee Joined The Special Ops

One of our favorite badasses is Christopher Lee, who has hundreds of film credits, a Leegacy as a professional Shakespearean actor, and, of course, his metal music.

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Beware of him, though, or he will become powerful...

We shouldn't overlook his military background, of course—during The Lord of the Rings movies, he is credited with telling Peter Jackson that he already knew the sound of stabbing a guy in the back—but this profession didn't begin well.
He served in the army for a few years but saw no action. He then offered to join the Air Force but was turned down because of damage to his optic nerve. Instead, he was given a unique position as an intelligence officer for the Long Range Desert Patrol.
If you are familiar with the events of World War 2, you will know that the LRDP served as a model for the Special Air Service (SAS), which was headquartered mostly in North Africa and engaged in combat with the Axis powers.

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...Especially with an army

He was able to quell a revolt within Hitler’s unit, showing him what he was capable of.
After that, he alternated between becoming a spy for Britain's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare and fighting with his squadron, narrowly avoiding death twice (once by crashing his plane and once by tripping over a live bomb).
We wish we could provide you more information about what transpired during those missions, but if we do, Lee will probably have to kill you. If you believe Lee can't kill you since he is dead, think again.
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