Godzilla: 20 Hilarious Memes That Will Destroy You Out

It's safe to say that Godzilla doesn't require an introduction. His figurative and literal presence in pop culture is so strong that even people who have never seen a Godzilla film recognize him. It’s no wonder that Godzilla has become the subject of countless memes over the years, some of which would give the big guy himself atomic chuckles.
Check out these hilarious Godzilla memes to see which side you're on.

#1. Wait, How Did You Do That?

Godzilla memeSource: Screenrant

Almost everyone born after 1980 can understand this issue. What's the deal with parents and technology? It's as if a switch in their heads flips whenever the subject comes up. To be sure, this isn't something that everyone has experienced. We envy you if your parents were technologically savvy.Also, could we get your parents' phone numbers so that we can put them in touch with ours? Perhaps they can explain technical terms in a way that doesn't make our parents' eyes glaze over.

#2. They Are The Same?

Godzilla memeSource: Reddit

#3. Cool Godzilla

Godzilla memeSource: GOJIPEDIA

When your parents say your gonna get over Godzilla someday...
Me: *releases a Godzilla roar*

#4. Give Him A Cookie And He Might Go Away.

Godzilla 2022Source: Screenrant

This one isn't so much a meme as it is a piece of fan art that spun out of control and became a cursed image. To be honest, we enjoy the mix of Shin Godzilla's body and Cookie Monster's eyes and the maw.
It really looks better than the snaggletooth abomination that was 2016's G. Call us crazy, but Shin Godzilla was ugly (not that it's a beauty contest, but still). At the very least, this one would have been easier to vanquish; just give him a tanker of cookies and maybe he'll bug out for a few decades.

#5. Creepy Pine Tree

Godzilla 2022Source: Memedroid

#6. Hang On Let Me Make It.

Source: Twitter

#7. An Old But Gold.

Source: Campus

#8. Poor Godzilla

Source: Quora

#9. Who? Choose, People!

Godzilla vs KongSource: Latestly

 #10. Calm Down. It's Just A Drawing.

Source: Godzilla Fandom

#11. Enters The Kitchen With Godzilla.

Source: eBaum's World

#12. The Last Thing A Guy Sees Before Saying “Calm Down”.

Source: Screenrant

#13. Our Boy Junior Is All Grown Up.

Source: Reddit

#14. The Simpsons Predicted A Godzilla vs Kong Kong Battle.

Godzilla and SimpsonSource: Knowyourmeme

#15. Kong vs Godzilla And Cheems Extend.

Source: Reddit

#16. I Did Know Godzilla. That Is, Our Paths Did Cross, At School.

Source: Twitter

#17. If Godzilla Is King vs Mothra Is Queen - Then Who Is Prince?

GodzillaSource: Make a Meme

#18. I Think I Ordered The Wrong Godzilla And Kong Movie.

Source: Twitter

#19. In Another Universe

Source: Campus

#20. Real Godzilla

Source: Memedroid

Which Godzilla meme is your favorite?
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