21 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes That Someone Will Have To Pay For

"You only live once." Be adventurous. Make mistakes. Enjoy your life to the fullest! Err, we are not really sure about that. Yes, all of us make mistakes, but while some of them can be remedied with a few hugs and kisses, others might cost you a fortune. You don’t want to live the rest of your days in poverty, do you? So let's check out our list of 21 expensive mistakes that these unlucky souls have made and consider them as your life lessons. We hope you will never have to experience mishaps like this, but for now, just have some fun by laughing at these unfortunate and expensive mistakes. Enjoy!

#1. Flipped Tesla carrier.

Source: Past_Ad_2944

If you’re in California your tesla will be late for delivery.

#2 A £1 Million ($1.4 Million) Lamborghini Based Bat-mobile got into an accident with a Renault Scenic

Source: AnonymousWaterBucket

This will make Batman cry.

#3 A Mclaren 600lt went off on the Dragon at Deals Gap.

Source: itsalegacy

That is money sliding off the mountainside.

#4 Things got a little out of hand while cooking breakfast yesterday:

Source: BarnabyWoods

#5 Now he loses both the diamond and faith in humanity.

Source: unilad

#6 Airport bus driver allegedly falls asleep and crashes into the parked plane.

Source: usatoday

The most expensive (and the worst) dream you can have.

#7 Pro-tip: When transporting paint make sure it is properly secured. Especially if you are driving in a $90,000 Maserati.

Expensive MistakesSource: Mr_PoodlePants

Or call it a limited edition collaboration and charge $110K.

#8 Tree vs. SUV: Tree wins.

Expensive MistakesSource: PurposeSeeker

Now it’s a compact sedan.

#9 Before we get fired:

Expensive MistakesSource: iVannGarc

Luckily no one got hurt, but someone will definitely have to pay.

#10 Porsche Panamera Hybrid vs Tesla Model S.

Expensive MistakesSource: PhilpotBlevins

"I can’t believe you didn’t try to beat that red light!"

#11 Aston Martin that was worth £1,5m.

Expensive MistakesSource: Jorarl


#12 “Sorry son, you don’t get to go to college because you ran into the museum after I told you not to.”

Expensive MistakesSource: Reddit

#13 If insurance companies had nightmares:

Expensive MistakesSource: Liberal_Leopard

“How to file for bankruptcy”

#14 SUV crashes into McLaren dealer.

Expensive MistakesSource: netg0d

Good thing that Mclaren was there to save the wall.

#15 Expensive tip...

Expensive MistakesSource: Reddit

#16 Well, not one but two.

Expensive MistakesSource: Reddit

#17 “My car after I got hit by a Porsche Panamera. He was drunk and was speeding. Yet the insurance blames me cause I was doing a maneuver to my driveway. Financially destroyed.”

Expensive MistakesSource: Flavioboy

Don’t drink and drive people!

#18 Flooded Bitcoin mining farm.

Expensive MistakesSource: undertow661

Maybe they should have kept it indoors.

#19 The rear-ended 20 mins after collection.

Expensive MistakesSource: noelh555

Those head protectors did their job.

#20 "Your internet access will be restored between January and December 2035"

Expensive MistakesSource: jazz_man

#21 "You have three words to save your job, what do you say?"

Expensive MistakesSource: Lingenfelter

It wasn’t me!

#22 When you want your insurance adjuster to pay more attention to your claim:

Source: Ienjoyduckscompany

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