4 Key Rules Introduced By The Qatar Government For FIFA World Cup 2022

When World Cup comes to a nation, the local government will impose some strict conditions on fans who travel to the country during the event. Qatar is no exception. The row started after Qatar was awarded the hosting right for the 2022 World Cup. From violations of human rights to workplace fatalities at stadium constructions for the World Cup, Qatar has been under scrutiny ever since.According to a report, 6,500 migrant workers from India Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar since FIFA gave the host right of the 2022 tournament to Qatar in 2010.Human rights advocates, trade unions, and the media have repeatedly reported Qatar’s atrocities and many football players and other public figures have boycotted the 2022 World Cup. Despite many criticisms, Qatar was given hosting rights. It was also discovered that bribes happened between the Qatar bid committee and FIFA members and officials. After that, some FIFA members, notably Theo Zwanziger and ex-president Sepp Blatter in 2010, expressed remorse about their decision to award Qatar the hosting rights to the world’s biggest event.And now, Qatar has been the host country of the event, below are some rules of Qatar that fans should know and follow when attending the FIFA World Cup 2022 this winter.

#1 LGBTQIA controversy

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The media and sports experts have warned about Qatar’s mistreatment of homosexuals. According to Gay Times, this country has been accused of subjecting Qatar LGBTQIA persons to ill-treatment in jail and even imprisoned for 7 years. There has been a death penalty for LGBTQIA people.Qatar even instituted “medical screening tests” to “identify” gays and prohibit them from entering the country. Still, in response to rising media and player pressure, Qatar has reversed their bans and said they would follow FIFA guidelines to promote tolerance of rainbow flags in stadiums. On September 21, Football Association CEO Mark Bullingham claimed that the LGBTQIA community won’t be banned.

#2 Alcohol law

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Hassan Abdulla al Thawadi, chief executive of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid, stated that alcohol use in a public place is denied due to Qatar’s legal system. Instead, there’re alcohol zones where supporters can consume alcohol. People can bring alcohol and beverages into stadiums, but, they will be not available inside the stadiums.

#3 Clothing rules

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Football fans may wear whatever they want, but they will not be allowed to remove their garments inside the stadium. Supporters will be asked to cover their knees and shoulders when entering public areas, museums, or government buildings.

#4 Public displays of affection and photography

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In all areas of Qatar, public demonstrations of affection are prohibited. And football supporters will be required to follow rules during the event. And fans should ask for permission before taking photos or filming anything. They should also be aware of the ban on photographing any government-related items.
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