22 Photos Showing That You Are Having A Better Day Than These Parents

Kids are so adorable that most of us love to have fun with them, without a doubt. At such a young age, they are curious about everything and crave to learn new things every moment. That is when their personality and social etiquette develop under the guidance and instruction of their parents. Most parents understand that they need to be patient and tolerant to educate their young children, but it’s not an easy task at all.

If you have kids or often interact with them, you may notice that there’s nothing as rationality in their perspective. They seem to come from a mysterious world where no one shares the same thoughts as adults on Earth. Don’t try to understand a child’s logic, because it’s an impossible mission. Do you think burying a pair of AirPods in the backyard like growing a tree makes any sense? If you receive a picture or a letter from a kindergarten child, you will likely crack into laughter rather than being moved.

The kids' peculiar and incredible logic makes a day like a rollercoaster for their parents. One minute you hug them with all love and care, then you leave them alone for a moment and get furious by their crazy behaviors. Though sometimes it feels like you’ve had enough of it and we won’t be fed up with any more, you can’t leave your beloved children. After all, they only want to explore the world and strive to adapt to it.

Though kids make it hard to let your guard off, they also create memories that you’ll never forget. After you calm down, the incidents will likely give you a good laugh.

Let’s have a look at 22 hilarious pics that summarize parenthood for many of us!

#1 “Children’s horseplay’ — found that at my grocery store.”

parents memesSource: © Nicolas-_-Cage / Reddit

#2 “The neighbor’s kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look ’cute.’”

parents memesSource: © burd-the-wurd / Reddit

#3 “My children are animals.”

parents memesSource: © Nemesis213 / Reddit

#4 “Help! My kid destroyed my monstera and ripped all of the leaves off.”

parents memesSource: © c4carmen / Reddit

#5 “My brother ripped off the handle by accident. This should be fun.”

parents memesSource: © Urie_Tarded / Reddit

#6 “Silence is golden. But when you have kids, silence is suspicious.”

parents memesSource: © Omo Kiikan /

#7 “I was starting a fire and heard my youngest saying he was stuck. This is how I found him.”

parents memesSource: © GreenBaySlacker / Reddit

#8 “Went to bed last night and almost had a heart attack. The child insisted she had to print something for school. LIAR.”

parents memesSource: © MissMalapropos / Reddit

#9 “I had to take a shirt to my son’s (kindergarten) school.”

parents memesSource: © boozedaily / Reddit

#10 “AirPods went missing...turns out my kid buried them in the backyard.”

parents memesSource: © Limp_Pie1219 / Reddit

#11 “Fingertips were stomped on by a 3-year-old.”

parents memesSource: © Hermit_crabby / Reddit

#12 “Toddler, Sharpie, sleeping husband”

parents memesSource: © sneakysneaks_ / Reddit

#13 “One of the kids bedazzled my stockpot. Thankfully, the heat helped get the adhesive off.”

parents memesSource: © Ok_Cryptographer4827 / Reddit

#14 “I guess we got No trick or treaters this year.”

Source: © macboo11 / Reddit

#15 “Found this in the game room, compliments of my 5-year-old.”

Source: © bwags123 / Reddit

#16 “I let a kid borrow a pencil and this is how he returned it.”

Source: © treeillusion / Reddit

#17 “My daughter drew me a picture. Yes, that is a house fire. And yes, those are human souls floating above.”

Source: © DynamiteJade / Reddit

#18 “Kids said they didn’t do it.”

Source: © bunchofclams / Reddit

#19 “My kid slapped my glasses directly into my eyeball”

Source: © picnicandpangolin / Reddit

#20 “A letter I apparently wrote to my mother in kindergarten: ’IT IS NOT PEE.’”

Source: © Meg-alomaniac3 / Reddit

#21 “Bathing the kids and the glass door just explodes all over”

Source: © Sirobw / Reddit

#22 “Yesterday we couldn’t find my brother’s phone, and today we found it.”

Source: © shrekmate21 / Reddit

Do you see yourself or your kids in these photos? Show these funny pics to your parents and ask them how you were as a kid. Obviously, we all should be grateful to our beloved parents who have endured our irrationality. Don’t forget to follow our site to get more cool photos and stories!
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