20 Hilarious Photos Of People Posing With Statues That Prove Human Imagination Is Limitless

Did you think statues must be boring? No, you're wrong! There are statues created by the gifted hands, enthusiasm, and boundless humor of the artists. As a result, they are soulful and incredibly lively. Moreover, visitors cannot just say "Cheese" and take photos with these statues normally. Creating unique pics with them on the street is their hobby, so they accidentally become the main characters in funny photos.
We've collected the most hilarious photos when people pose with statues to prove human imagination is limitless. If your day needs to be brightened, we think this perfect list is for you. Are you ready? If so, scroll on down below and check them out. Enjoy!

#1. People In The Background Walking Like "This Is Normal In My City"

Source: punkidu

#2. That's Dedication To A Joke

Source: jstrydor

#3. Dance With Me

Source: devabdulsalam

#4. Hands Up!

Source: punkidu

#5. Oops!

Source: punkidu

#6. Back Off He's Mine!

Source: Reddit

#7. Monument For The Divorced

Source: esiper

#8. Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Source: Reddit

#9. Statueman Vs Spiderman

Source: guilleart

#10. There's Always Someone, Who Is Forever Breaking In Line

Source: Ren Dong

#11. Help Me, Please!

Source: punkidu

#12. The Grin Says It All

Source: bluesapphire

#13. He Needs A Cigarette

Source: Brosnaks

#14. All The Single Ladies

Source: Luqman5739

#15. Slap

Source: punkidu

#16. Home run

Source: punkidu

#17. Let's Play Hockey

Source: punkidu

#18. Go Home Right Now!

Source: J2point074

#19. Everybody Was Kung-fu Fighting!

Source: shivermyimgurs

#20. It's Okay

Source: shivermyimgurs

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