You Might Be Shocked With This "Instagram Vs. Reality" Series Revealing Truth Behind Perfect Pics

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in existence. It started as just a humble photo-sharing application. Then, diversity with consistency, such as lush photography, clever trend usage, and selfie-style videos, reigns supreme on Instagram. Now, Instagram photos mean perfection and provoke jealousy.
Nonetheless, don't be hasty to compare yourself to these beautiful Instagrammers! Because they use photo-editing apps to make themselves look phenomenal, they become unrealistic. In addition, several people have some tips up their sleeves to be more photogenic. Don't feel bad about your physical appearance! If you saw those picture-perfect Instagram models with your bare eyes, you will understand why these online beauty standards should never be applied to real life.
However, we don't criticize Instagrammers or any internet users for altering their looks in photos. Everybody should be happy with their way of using their social media channel while respecting other people. Just look at the pictures below, and you will get it!

#1. Wow, great transformation

Source: rikkisandhuu

#2. It should be prohibited to tag people in photos

Source: © TeValeMadreWey

#3. Instagram vs Real-life motherhood

Source: © snlslh

#4. Not only human looks fancier on Instagram

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: © My Retweet “My Retweet Is Retweetin” Is Retweeting

#5. The real process

Source: © Wendy Jolivot

#6. Behind the stage of a perfect photo

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: © Trendmood

#7. This cat just had enough

Source: © Wan Nur Syaira

#8. Sight-seeing via Instagram

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: © rivigurl

#9. Pandunicorn eye

Source: © Jawhara

#10. He Instagram vs He's tagged

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: © Will Targy

#11. The locals would be amazed to see the photo of their hometown Instagrammed.

Source: © annodomini

#12. Before and after taken about 30 seconds apart

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: © hiittrainer

#13. Nobody looks good in the morning without makeup

Source: © Patty Kim

#14. And the food too

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: embracing_reality

#15. There is even pressure to look Instagram-perfect at the gym

Source: kachenok

#16. Me this and me that

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: crunknizzle

#17. Not expect that

Source: elisabethmaarie

#18. TBH...

Source: berrycat14

#19. Can't be perfect in every situation

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: breelenehan

#20. Yeah, your eyes didn't fool you

Source: biccabong

#21. "I noticed that my body didn't look like this 24/7, and decided to share my thoughts and what I really looked like most of the time"

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: Sara Puhto

#22. You decide which one is better - Instagram Vs. Reality Series

Source: Sara Puhto

#23. Just smile and you'll be perfect!

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: lovechloejane

#24. Already magnificent, why edit it?

Source: josephinelivinn

#25. True confidence and radiance - Instagram Vs. Reality Series

Instagram Vs. Reality SeriesSource: josephinelivinn

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