7 Attempted Assassinations Of Famous People

Famous people always have something that we find in common, and they often inspire us with passion for doing better things. However, not all of us are motivated in the same way. Sometimes, we find that it is normal to just express love to them, but other crazy fans would choose another way to reveal their emotions. Worst of all, some start stalking, preying upon their idols, and even attempted to murder them. Below is the list of 7 cases.

1. Frank Zappa

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Although being shoved offstage might not seem as dangerous as knives and firearms, Frank Zappa was forced to use a wheelchair for a year and has back pain for the rest of his life after an audience member shoved him 15 feet into the pit in 1971.
It appears that the attacker's girlfriend's comment that Zappa was cute caused him to lose his cool, which is a situation that might have been improved with some rigorous mustache growing.

2. Russell Crowe

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Russell Crowe claimed that "something to do with some recording picked up by a French policewoman" led the FBI to believe he was involved in a plot to "take [iconographic Americans] out of the picture as a sort of cultural destabilization plan."
However, you could probably reach the "frequent sitcom guest star" tier of celebrities before landing on Russell Crowe. The FBI acknowledged the threat was real despite the fact that Crowe is not even American, which is just one of the story's absurd details.

3. Miley Cyrus

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A 16-year-old teenager planned to take control of the crew on a trip to Louisiana in 2008 and crash it into a Miley Cyrus performance. He then attempted to board a plane, but was stopped before he was able to do so, but if you've ever witnessed a teenage boy attempt to fight off an adult (let alone several), you know that nobody was ever in actual danger.

4. Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan obviously doesn't come to mind when you think of organized crime, but he alleges that soon before arriving in the United States, director Lo Wei hired Chinese thugs to frighten him.
They "opened fire when he got off the plane," according to Chan, and he had to start packing heat when they "surrounded him with knives at a Hong Kong restaurant" later. He claims that he "confronted them with two weapons and six grenades," in actuality.
It might seem unlikely that 20 criminals brandishing knives could attack a well-known actor in public without that being a much bigger issue, but are you really going to question Jackie Chan?

5. Bob Marley

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Bob Marley performed a concert in Jamaica in 1976, which ought to have been the least contentious thing for Bob Marley to do. However, Prime Minister Michael Manley organized the event and persuaded Marley that it would be a "non-political event" before shifting the election date so that it appeared as though Marley was holding a rally for Manley.
The man, who had only intended to play some music, began to receive death threats from the opposition right away. Two days before the event, three armed intruders also shot him. Bob lived, though, only to die 5 years later, of skin cancer.

6. Justin Bieber

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An inmate murderer placed a hit on Justin Bieber in 2012 and even placed a bounty on his testicles. The only reason the hitmen weren't successful was because one of them was apprehended on a warrant for parole violation at the Canadian border after they took a wrong turn and ended up there.

7. Andy Warhol

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The most well-known attempt at celebrity assassination was perhaps the shooting of Andy Warhol on June 3, 1968, by author Valerie Solanas, who believed Warhol had stolen her book and later endured the humiliation of being played by Lena Dunham.
She died 20 years after Warhol, having presumably lived just long enough to see the work through, after serving a short sentence for assault.
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