8 Times Celebrities Faced Attempted Murders

All kinds of mentally ill people occasionally feel that it would be better for a celebrity to be dead, but some go above and beyond the "daily stalker" line. For a variety of reasons, from political disagreement to dating someone they believe is the wrong fit for them, they spend a lot of time planning intricate murder schemes. Fortunately, these attempts frequently and occasionally hilariously fail.

1. Mick Jagger

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The Hells Angels arrived at Jagger's home like leathery pirates from the sea after he accused them of being responsible for Altamont, armed and prepared to show him wrong.
Jagger owes his entire post-'60s career to the poor seamanship of motorcycle gangs because they quit when a storm nearly sank their boat, giving them time to consider if they were, in fact, the bad guys.

2. Monica Seles

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When a Steffi Graf fan stabbed Monica Seles during a match break in 1993, she was the best female tennis player in the world and was forced to retire from the sport for more than two years. It seems that tennis enthusiasts can be as ferocious as gangsta rappers.

3. 50 Cent

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People have been attempting to kill 50 Cent since before he was even well-known because of how powerful he is.
He was shot nine times by a rival drug dealer in 2000, which may have been for the best as 50 was already in good health by the time the alleged assassin was dead a few weeks later and Mike Tyson was charged with ordering a hit on the gang members thought to be responsible.
I bet you didn't anticipate Tyson showing up.

4. Ryan Seacrest

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When a man with a knife tried to enter the E! network offices in 2009, security personnel stopped him. It turned out that the man had previously attacked one of Seacrest's bodyguards. We'd like to imagine that he was just a fan of high-quality television, but the police thought he had been stalking Seacrest.

5. Joss Stone

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Back in 2011, Joss Stone’s neighbors reported to the police about 2 guys with strange behaviors lingering around her residence. The police officers quickly investigated and discovered a car full of blades as well as detailed preparations for robbing and murdering the star.
The reason is identified to be due to Stone’s tie to the royal family. Well, take this as a lesson to never put your plans to behead pop stars in writing.

6. George Harrison

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A crazed knife-wielding attacker attacked Harrison in his house in 1999, stabbing him quite severely before Harrison's wife hit him over the head with a lamp. The final victim blaming is that the assailant allegedly "believed that the Beatles were witches who went about on broomsticks" and Harrison had possessed him.

7. Hilary Duff

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A Russian youngster was detained in 2006 when a private detective learned of his plans to kill Ms. McGuire at a function she was due to attend. He had intentionally traveled to Russia to woo her, so when he learned that she was seeing Joel Madden, he was furious. We were all, perhaps, but he went too far.

8. Victoria Beckham

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Being wife of the hottest man in England (there are so few to go around) has made Posh Spice the target of several murder and kidnapping schemes over the years.
The scariest incident occurred during the 2000 Brit Awards preparations when a red laser dot emerged on her chest and security discovered a fire escape door stuck open close to its origin. They didn't try it again, so perhaps they just thought she was a cat.
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