8 Actors Who Accepted Little Wage To Play Favorite Roles

Aside from the fact that they are talented, many of the most well-known actors make such a high salary because it is a given that they will bring a significant amount of money to a production. In addition, they bring a lot to the table and are the primary marketing element of every project. Nevertheless, there are times when budgets cannot cover their financial needs, and producers offer these performers far less money.
Bright Side is aware of the fact that even well-known performers may be required to accept lower pay for the opportunity to portray a certain role that is very appealing to them. Today, we give you 8 actors who accepted little wage in order to play their favorite roles, Scroll down to enjoy!

1. Robert Pattinson

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, Robert PattinsonSource: Getty Images

To date, Robert Pattinson's film career and other endeavors have earned him a net worth of $100 million. He was paid $2.5 million for the first film in the Twilight series and a whopping $25 million for the final feature. The total amount he made, including box office bonuses, was $41 million. However, because he was so focused on landing the role of Batman in The Batman, he was paid a flat $3 million without any bonuses.

2. Ryan Gosling

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, Ryan GoslingSource: Getty Images

The actor made $1 million for his role in The Notebook and instant fame. For his upcoming jobs, though, he planned to prioritize artistic integrity over box office returns. Because of this, he only demanded $1,000 a week to star in Half Nelson. Gosling's Oscar nomination proves the film was a hit.

3. Matthew McConaughey

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, Matthew McConaugheySource: Getty Images

The actor was offered $15 million upfront and 15% of the series' future earnings in 2008 to star in the Magnum PI remake. However, he declined the position to pursue a more serious acting career. A few years later, he appeared in The Dallas Buyers Club for a salary under $200,000. The fact that he won an Oscar due to it suggests that it was a wise choice.

4. Kristen Stewart

Actors Who Accepted Little WageSource: Getty Images

Kristen Stewart's earnings rose from $2 million in the first Twilight film to $25 million in the following two films in the franchise. Not to mention all the perks that come along with it. In 2012, however, she began filming On the Road with a stellar cast. She agreed to work for $200,000 less than she had been making because of severe budget cuts.

5. Oprah Winfrey

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, Oprah WinfreySource: Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey has worked very hard to become one of the wealthiest women in Hollywood. She used to earn $315 million annually for her daily show, making her the highest-paid talk show host ever. While she may now be worth a six-figure sum for her work on The Color Purple, she was previously content with a salary of $35,000. Because her talk show didn't premiere until 1987, a full year after the film's release, she was largely unknown at the time.

6. Andrew Garfield

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, Andrew GarfieldSource: Getty Images

The actor Andrew Garfield never made millions of dollars in each film. His $1.5 million earnings from both Spider-Man films are significantly less than those of Tom Holland and Tobey McGuire. He further demonstrated that money wasn't his concern by agreeing to work for scale on Martin Scorsese's Silencej.

7. John Travolta

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, John TravoltaSource: Getty Images

After Grease, the actor's salary skyrocketed to $20 million with each new film he starred in. Instead of taking the $1 million offered for Saturday Night Fever, he took $140,000 to work with Quentin Tarantino on Pulp Fiction. Ultimately, the opportunity to collaborate with a seasoned filmmaker on a groundbreaking film trumped financial gain.

8. Jonah Hill

Actors Who Accepted Little Wage, Jonah HillSource: Getty Images

The actor's salary for his work in 22 Jump Street was a whopping $10 million. Although he was paid $60,000 for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, he only kept $40,000. He seemed more interested in collaborating with Martin Scorsese than in getting paid. That's why he took such a large salary cut when Leonardo Dicaprio was getting $10 million for the same film.
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