20 Horrible Sculptures That No One Can Digest

You can easily find sculptures all over the world, from college campuses to parks. You can also find many different types of sculptures, ranging from small to big, from wonderful to weird and horrible. Although almost all the sculptures take a lot of money and time to make, not all of them are worth it. Some are just so horrible that no one can digest them.
Recently, there is a trend on the r/funny subreddit where its members share pictures of horrible sculptures that they have come across. After a little diving into this group, we have come up with a collection of 20 of the worst sculptures (that Redditors called 'sh*tty sculptures') for you. They are deserved to be the winners of the most horrible sculptures. Scroll down to check them out. We are sure that these arts will make you think a lot, or even horrify you.

#1. Y’all want bad sculptures? I give you the winner from my local college campus

Source: biblebeltbuddhist

#2. Sh*tty sculptures? Here’s one of a man taking the world’s largest sh*t

Source: Paronomasiaster

#3. funny sculptures? This one's kind of neat though. Stange Norway

Source: _Honorspren_

#4. Strange art sculptures you say?

Source: StrangePiper1

#5. Rabbit statue in the Czech republic

Source: Ragnheidr_

#6. More strange art you say?

Source: lancert

#7. My mother-in-law thought it was a good idea to get a sculpture of this beautiful moment

Source: zevHS

#8. Has anyone posted the Scripps Turd in San Diego? Commissioned for $200k, it’s supposed to be an ocean wave

Source: ddr1ver

#9. Bad art installation at my community college. It took a trip across Colorado on top of an RV

Source: Dinco_laVache

#10. I hear we're doing sh*tty sculpture. This is from a park near my town

Source: Reinventing_Wheels

#11. Proposed statue in my city. No one can agree on what it's supposed to be/say

Source: dedelec

#12. Crappy art installations you say? Adelaide has an AU$174,000 big, metal pigeon. It goes with our bronze pigs and the Malls Balls

Source: Greasemonkey_Chris

#13. Art Installation Dublin, The Spike, €4,000,000

Horrible SculpturesSource: noodeel

#14. My local tragic waste of $1,000,000 in Perth, Western Australia

Horrible SculpturesSource: sickn0te_

#15. Sh*tty Art: The Weebles, South Shields, England. Welcome to your nightmares...

Horrible SculpturesSource: cadwalader000

#16. Since we’re posting strange art…

Horrible SculpturesSource: elosoyonki

#17. Horrible statue of a horrible human

Horrible SculpturesSource: asanders9733

#18. Sh*tty art in my home town. This "Bunny" is over 4 meters high

Source: Existing_Shock3155

#19. Jumping on the strange art sculpture theme for tonight. Oslo Norway

Horrible SculpturesSource: Infinite_Tie_4650

#20. I heard we’re doing sh*tty sculptures. This one at my university looks like he’s about to take a sh*t

Horrible SculpturesSource: BellaFace

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