24 Neighbors Who Will Definitely Take Gold Medal For Being A Jerk

Apparently, we all have that one neighbor who never fails to disturb us. As a matter of fact, we only get to choose where we live, not the people around us. Therefore, the chance we may live in the same neighborhood with those who lack politeness, basic respect, and even common sense is pretty high. If you have good, friendly, and helpful neighbors, then lucky for you because that seems so rare today. You may not believe there are such obnoxious neighbors who are always in the mood to ruin your day. Parking in your parking spot, making crazy noise, putting up a camera just to stalk your house, or even shooting on your bedroom wall, etc. Yes, there are such kinds of neighbors that make you feel grateful you don’t have them around.You don’t have to imagine how bad neighborly life can get because here we’ve compiled a list of 24 neighbors who are disturbing as hell. Scroll down to see!

#1. "Neighbor taped this to my door"

Source: RamenRat

#2. "Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running a childcare."

Source: JustJJ92

#3. "Told my neighbors kids to knock it off when I caught them throwing rocks against my fence and siding. Found this in my backyard 30 mins later.. (I have a dog)"

Source: seebz69

#4. So a Mexican can’t be a us citizen? True trashy neighbor

Source: Rex39914

#5. Stealing from a self-isolating, vulnerable neighbour

Source: maylesa

#6. This lady “catching” her neighbor…

Source: eclectic-mango

#7. "Your cooking is triggering my undiagnosed allergies"

Source: Forward-Stranger649

#8. "The neighbor had a dispute this morning. Resulted in a gunshot through our bathroom mirror."

Source: JesusUnoWTF

#9. "My neighbor “allegedly” refused to pay the guy who cleared his backyard. He’ll be coming home to this gift left in his driveway."

Source: CalbertCorpse

#10. "Ordered a bassinet for my newborn baby and my neighbor decided to steal it."

Source: toffeechip777

#11. "Moved in with my GF two months ago. Every time I park on the opposite side of my building in a spot closer to the door I get a note from of my neighbors."

Source: Rhazein

#12. "I pay $125 a month to park in my parking spot. I’m 111B. This asshole is my neighbor."

Source: badbicth06

#13. "I put up a fence to keep my thieving and incredibly nosy neighbor out. He then puts up a camera so that he can look in."

disturbing neighborsSource: harbinger_CHI

#14. Another arrow to the house from a neighbor...

disturbing neighborsSource: SolarMatter

#15. A neighbor's "security" light that they keep on 24/7

disturbing neighborsSource: TaudeTheThird

#16. "Woke up to noises coming from my bathroom, turns out my neighbor tried getting into my apartment through my medicine cabinet"

disturbing neighborsSource: jchancho

#17. "While moving the first load of my thing into my new house, Neighbors greet me by burning trash and setting their truck on fire!"

disturbing neighborsSource: ibuildonions

#18. Neighbor's kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look "cute."

Source: burd-the-wurd

#19. "Someone spilled soup in my building's stairwell and now notes are accumulating and I feel like I’m living in a Tumblr textpost thread"

disturbing neighborsSource: emilyzulllo

#20. "Neighbor tried to scare us out of parking in our assigned spot."

disturbing neighborsSource: binxbox

#21. "My dumbass neighbor put hot charcoal from his grill into the trashcan"

disturbing neighborsSource: reddit

#22. "My neighbors keep putting their bins in front of my van on MY property."

Source: Spirited-Stick

#23. "Our neighbor shot a hole in our bedroom wall last night."

disturbing neighborsSource: imgur

#24. Crazy neighbor has a list of people who are not welcome on his front door

disturbing neighborsSource: Illustrious_Welder94

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