10 Times Directors Caught Actors Off Guard By Doing Things That Weren’t In The Script

There were times when directors caught actors off guard by doing things that were entirely not included in the script. This can create some of the most realistic scenes in the history of Hollywood, but it can also give these poor actors trust issues. It’s safe to say that these actors are gonna have a hard time trusting other directors after these stunts.
So let’s see how these directors caught actors off guard by pulling unexpected stunts on them. Do you think they’re funny, or they are just d*ck moves?

1. Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo thought Tony’s funeral was a wedding scene

directors caught actors off guard Source: Walt Disney Motion Pictures. / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Endgame was a big movie, and it was no surprise that Marvel forbade any sort of spoiler before the film was released. They even went to the extreme and told certain cast members that Tony’s funeral was a wedding scene.
Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo were among these poor actors. They were caught completely off guard and had no idea that they were supposed to film a funeral scene that day. Yet somehow these guys still managed to pull off the somber look extremely well. Gotta give them a round of applause for that.

2. Daniel Radcliffe was underprepared for his dance in Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire

directors caught actors off guard Source: Warner Bros. Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

If you thought Daniel Radcliffe’s dancing scene in the Goblet of Fire was awkward as hell to watch, you’re not wrong. It was awkward for both the viewers and the actors in the scene too.
Apparently, Daniel was too busy filming the tournament scenes that he didn’t have time to attend choreography classes like his co-stars. In the end, he spent way less time learning the choreography than the rest of the cast. That was why he looked so clumsy in that scene.

3. Alan Rickman was genuinely petrified in Die Hard’s falling scene

directors caught actors off guard Source: 20th Century Fox / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The death of Hans Gruber was one of the most iconic scenes in the Die Hard series. Alan Rickman did a fantastic job of portraying the pure horror on the character’s face when he fell to his death. His secret? Well, it was a 100% genuine reaction.
Alan Rickman was afraid of heights, so director John McTiernan arranged for him to fall onto an airbag for the shot after a count of three. Or that was what he told Rickman. In reality, the crew decided to drop the actor after only counting to one. The fear in Rickman’s eyes was real, and he was understandably upset with the trick.

4. Kate Winslet wasn’t prepared for the cold water in Titanic

directors caught actors off guard Source: 20th Century Fox / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Everyone on Titanic suspected that the water was gonna be cold, but nothing prepared them for the absolutely freezing temperature. It was so cold that Kate Winslet couldn't stop shaking during the axe scene.
The icy water even gave the actress a slight case of hypothermia. On top of that, her dress was a drowning hazard and she had to film tank scenes while on her period. However, Kate still thought the cold was necessary for the scenes to be as realistic as possible.

5. Jennifer Lawrence was surprised on the set of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Source: Lionsgate / Courtesy of Everett Collection

In the first part of Mockingjay, Jennifer Lawrence missed working with Josh Hutcherson. The director decided to show the actress the test footage of Peeta’s interviews in order to provoke an emotional response. This was a success as it helped Lawrence tap into some authentic painful emotions. The results were incredibly touching scenes that brought tears to our eyes.

6. The actors in the Blair Witch Project were given a 35-page script and were told to improvise

Source: Artisan Entertainment / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The Blair Witch Project was one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and its success greatly depended on the amazing performances of the actors. Little did we know, this masterpiece was created almost entirely on the improvisation of the cast. No, seriously, they were given a 35-page script and were told to improvise.
The actors hired for the Blair Witch Project were taken into the woods after being given the short script. They worked pretty much 24/7 and were even deprived of food for eight days straight. Their performances were so realistic that the audience was convinced this was a real case that happened in real life.

7. The cast of Les Miserables was completely unaware of the cameras during the barricade scene

Source: Universal Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The barricade scene was no doubt one of the most epic scenes in Les Miserables. To create the revolutionary spirit, cast members were told to build a barricade in 10 minutes. They didn’t know where the cameras were placed the entire time. This resulted in a pretty chaotic scene, but it was also very realistic. In fact, it was so realistic that they decided to roll with it after securing the structure with a little bit of drilling.

8. The first victim in Jaws was unexpectedly pulled underwater

Source: Universal Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The actress who played the first victim in Jaws was attached to a harness and there was a diver ready to pull her underwater. However, Steven Spielberg wasn’t happy with how the scenes looked, so he decided to have her pulled under the water when she wasn't expecting it.
Her spluttering was so real that many people thought she'd actually been injured. Thankfully, the actress was okay and had no injury whatsoever.

9. The kids in Mary Poppins didn’t know Mary’s carpet bag was magical

directors caught actors off guard Source: Buena Vista Distribution Company, Inc. / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Nobody told the kids in Mary Poppins that Mary’s carpet bag was magical, so it was a real surprise for them to see her pull out an entire coat rack from it. Their looks of shock and disbelief were completely authentic.
The crew even went the extra mile to make sure the kids playing Jane and Michael were engaged on set. In other words, they used this trick of the eye to shock these children.

10. The children’s first impressions in ET were 100% real

Source: Universal Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

None of the kids who starred in ET had seen the puppet before, so their first impressions upon seeing the creature were totally real. Steven Spielberg also encouraged them to improvise as much as possible.
These stories about shocking times when directors caught actors off guard were fun to read. However, they weren’t the only stories that could surprise you. Check out these hilarious behind-the-scenes photos! They will guarantee to show you the true magic of editing.
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