17 Light-Hearted Movies That Help You Forget All Troubles In Life

People's moods can be changed by a movie. There is a huge collection of action movies you can watch on days when you have an adrenaline rush. Then, on other days, true crime might provide some much-needed chills and thrills for movie buffs who wish to explore the darker side of society.
But every once in a while, the challenging situations of life occur. We've all had days of laziness where all we want to do is curl up on the couch with a movie and block out the stresses of the day. The imagination of a cinephile yearns just for some inspiring feel-good movies in situations like these. Fortunately, there are some amusing dramas that teach viewers a few things in addition to making life a little bit easier.
You should definitely watch these interesting and uplifting movies. These 17 excellent examples are excellent options to start whether you're searching for a pick-me-up or a fun diversion from the stresses of everyday life.

#1 Barfuss

Source: IMDb

A movie that will make you feel great. Nick, a young man, prevents Laila, a young person with mental health concerns, from committing suicide. She follows him, and one evening she shows up at his door wearing only a nightgown and no shoes. From there, it only gets better.

#2 Crazy, Stupid, Love

Source: IMDb

A happy and uplifting movie that will make you laugh and feel for the main characters. Cal Weaver wants a divorce because he cheated on his wife, Emily. His life is tumbling down. He is taken under the wing of the endearing Jacob Palmer, who introduces him to a wide range of fresh opportunities, including seductive ladies, potent booze, and sophisticated living. Jacob, though, seemed to have quite different desires.

#3 Eat Pray Love

Source: YouTube

Married Elizabeth Gilbert discovers one day that she is not leading the life she desires. She leaves her miserable marriage and embarks on a globe tour in quest of fresh opportunities and a deeper understanding of who she is. A movie to watch when you're chill and have plenty of time to kill.

#4 Florence Foster Jenkins


This tragedy-comedy is utterly adorable. A New York heiress played by Maryl Streep wants to become an opera singer despite having a poor singing voice and having everything. Will she discover it, though? Hugh Grant played her charming spouse, by the way.

#5 Friends with Benefits

Source: Cosmopolitan

An entirely uplifting and happy movie. A young woman fears being married. She meets the glossy magazine's editor, who has grown weary of meeting women hoping for committed partnerships. Although they appear to complement each other wonderfully, things are not always as straightforward as they had hoped.

#6 Good Luck Chuck

Source: IMDb

A young dentist makes an astounding discovery: Every young woman who visits his dental office for treatment quickly meets her ideal soulmate shortly after. This is ideal for the young man as he looks for his own romantic interest. This film is well worth seeing if only for Jessica Alba's outstanding performance.

#7 He’s Just Not That Into You

Source: Cultura Colectiva

The question of marriage worries a lot of young ladies. The core of this movie is the notion that male and female relationships are frequently difficult and that neither party fully comprehends the other's intentions. While telling some difficult facts, it is also a tremendously jovial and enjoyable event.

#8 It’s Complicated

Source: IMDb

Jane is going through a divorce, owns a successful bakery, and has a new lover. She believes her life is predictable—that is, until Jake, her ex-husband, decides he'll stop at nothing to win her back.

#9 Knight and Day

Source: IMDb

A chance encounter between June Havens, a lonely young woman, and the charming Agent Miller inspires the two to traverse the globe while simultaneously attempting to complete a challenging mission and protect themselves from hired killers. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you watch this action movie, which is packed with action but is also humorous.

#10 Love Actually

Source: Time Out

From the dashing new Prime Minister who briefly falls for his secretary to the writer searching for someone to mend his wounded heart, love truly is what makes the world go around. It's enticing and a pleasure to watch as Love Actually deftly integrates a variety of various plot threads. And it has so many amazing actors in it!

#11 New in Town

Source: IMDb

Lucy Hill enjoys wearing luxurious clothing, driving costly vehicles, and advancing her career. She is dispatched on a business trip to chilly Minnesota from sunny Miami. Lucy must acclimate to the new harsh climate as well as the locals to complete her mission.

#12 The Holiday

Source: HuffPost UK

Ten thousand kilometers separate the two women and both had miserable lives. On a website for vacationers who trade apartments, they get to know one another online. Iris and Amanda dramatically alter their lifestyles after deciding to spend two weeks living in each other's homes. Said, this is a fantastic and moving movie.

#13 The Untouchables

Source: Télé Star

This movie's creators succeeded in making something inspiring, funny, happy, and endearing. The balance of comedy and drama in the lives of its two utterly distinct people turns out to be perfect; they managed to avoid going overboard.

#14 We’re the Millers

Source: Will Poulter

David goes to assist several troubled kids, but instead, he encounters a gang of hooligans who attack and rob him. He is left in a desperate state when they remove everything he owns. He is forced to find a made-up family, and he then travels on an exciting trip to get himself out of it.

#15 What Happens in Vegas


Two people who have no idea who the other is wake up in the same bed after a wild night in Las Vegas. It turns out that in addition to being married, they also won a sizable sum of cash at a casino. Now that they both have much clearer heads, they each come up with a scheme to get away from the other, but with all the money.

#16 Yes Man

Source: tv3

Jim Carrey plays a mid-level manager who is just your typical guy who develops depression. He decides to constantly say "yes" to each suggestion made to him as a strategy to deal with his troubles. His life begins to take an extraordinary turn at this point.

#17 Мamma Мia!

Source: Empire Online

Even those who dislike musicals will enjoy this fantastic production, which features all of ABBA's greatest hits. The movie's plot develops against a backdrop of stunning natural scenery.
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