25 Hilariously Bad Thumbnails That Are In A League Of Their Own

Thumbnails are just like the covers of a book. Their job is to attract as many people as possible to get to know more about the content. Of course, we know the first impression is essential, but we often hear people say don't judge a book by its cover. However, no one says anything about the thumbnails. So here we are, judging thumbnails in freedom. There is a bitter truth that no matter how good the content is, it will not reach the ideal number of audience if it doesn't manage to leave a memorable impression at first glance. With that in mind, content creators put a great effort into making the thumbnail stand out in the vast ocean. Unfortunately, there are times when those content creators go way too far, taking the thumbnails beyond ridiculous.
To show you what we're talking about, here are 25 hilariously bad thumbnails that are nothing but laughing material. Roll down to check them out!

#1. This can't be real

Source: Magyar_gyerek69

#2. Nice arm, Ted

Source: SugarSpunSister90

#3. Who would have their headphones attached right next to the headphone jack?

Source: Hipped_Orange22

#4. He loves spiderman so much he got a tattoo of him

Source: Sxy_rexy

#5. So tall he warps reality

Source: emlgs

#6. Bidinflation

Source: Dr_Occisor

#7. Crushing crunchy and soft things by car

Source: DiverGaming

#8. IDC BYE!

Source: 7olenge

#9. Ah yes, that time the goal posts collapsed after a hard shot when Arsenal played Chelsea

Source: PaddyArsenal

#10. Channels that clickbait you with red circles on nothing

Source: yomyoo

#11. It's time to stop letting actors with hair play bald people

Source: masarusenpai

#12. Her posture was so bad it made her arms bigger and bent the door behind her

Source: LambSauce26

#13. Letting a homeless dog pick his first meal

Source: roxyclean

#14. Think someone used the completely wrong thumbnail

Source: bmartin1989

#15. Amazing phone DIY

Source: Kitkats213

#16. Stop using toilet paper, use your hands it's environmentally friendly

Source: TylerTheFox00404

#17. Nothing left to say

Source: Primohippo

#18. Fast dogs

Source: Cuber_01

#19. "If not for the big red arrow, I would have been so confused"

Source: Mancoww

#20. "Perhaps the most hilariously bad thumbnails I've ever seen"

Source: reddit

#21. So cool, man

Source: FighterX9

#22. Oh, this thumbnail sure is unforgettable

Source: Paparazzi14

#23. So dangerous

Source: reddit

#24. Is this where milk comes from?

Source: vivo78

#25. The fish is as surprised as we are.

Source: wakugandan-chubungus

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