20+ Movie Clichés That Make Us Want To Say, "Oh, Come On!"

A cliche is an expression that has been used so frequently in an artistic work that it has completely lost all value. But with so many movies out there now, it's difficult to think of something fresh, so filmmakers frequently rely on the same techniques.
It may have once been possible to create suspense by having the protagonist's car not start while the killer is close behind. However, these days viewers are more likely to roll their eyes than to feel real dread for the character.
Also, some certain clichés develop into ones that viewers find annoying. Think of a young woman wearing a light coat and strolling in a winter woodland, or a laboring woman yelling as if she's delivering an alien!
It's time to put an end to these clichés once and for all. Though we love movies, the truth is that we sometimes do have hurtful words for their producers. Today is for the cliches we're sick of hearing. Which one annoys you the most?

#1 Did anyone notice the giant alien ships?

Source: © Independence Day / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

Giant alien ships are only recognized when the shadows they cast envelop the entire city!

#2 If someone is attacked while sheltering behind a sofa, no bullet will pass through. That is some excellent furniture!

#3 Good girls vs mean girls in school.

Source: © Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures and co-producers, © Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

In school, the meanest and most attractive girl loves wearing miniskirts and other revealing clothes. Additionally, nice girls dress to conceal their stunning bodies beneath baggy jeans. Cady and Regina from Mean Girls are two typical examples.

#4 If someone starts tossing food in the school cafeteria, everyone will follow up very quickly.

#5 How about dressing as a person of the opposite gender?

Source: © She's the Man / Dreamworks Pictures and co-producers

Nobody will notice if the main character dresses like someone of the opposing sex, even when it's blatantly obvious, as in She's the Man and Some Like It Hot.

#6 Piranhas are depicted in movies as horrible monsters who devour humans. However, they don't typically hunt carrion or assault humans.

#7 While it's challenging to have a normal conversation in a nightclub in real life, actors in movies communicate very easily.

#8 It's labor time!

Source: © Friends / Bright / Kauffman / Crane Productions and co-producers

Labor in movies begins with the future mother wailing, grasping her stomach, and screaming, "I think it's time." And then she'll scream, clench her fists, and do all sorts of strange things. It's feasible, but most of the time, real labor looks nothing like this.

#9 If the main character is wanted by the police, they will enter a café at precisely the same time as their image is displayed on television with the words "wanted."

#10 In films, doctors are prominent. They can do multiple tests, MRIs, and other procedures. It appears that movie producers aren't even aware that nurses and other professionals exist.

#11 In movies, defibrillators are used to restart someone's heart after it has stopped. However, this is unrealistic. When the heart is beating improperly, it is used to get it back to normal.

#12 Something awful is going to happen!

Source: © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

When everyone in a movie is happy, something terrible will happen. As in the film Titanic.

#13 When the main character jumps into a car while fleeing from someone, the automobile won't start until the bad guys are really close.

#14 The main character will almost certainly collide with a truck or a cargo train if they are chasing someone.

#15 Unattractive girl and the most attractive guy's relationship.

Source: © Miss Congeniality / Castle Rock Entertainment and co-producers, © Miss Congeniality / Castle Rock Entertainment and co-producers

Can you believe it? An unattractive girl who is attracted to the most gorgeous guy at school looks better than the most attractive girl! Even Hollywood is attempting to persuade us that Sandra Bullock is not attractive.

#16 Frequently, the main character keeps their plans a secret from others and gets into trouble. If they had tried to tell someone, everything would have gone according to plan.

#17 The bravest and smartest character is the bad guy, always.

#18 If someone has to babysit, the children will undoubtedly be monsters.

#19 When it’s freezing...

Source: © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers, © Mirror Mirror / Relativity Media and co-producers

Even though it's freezing outside, the characters wear light clothing and are totally fine!

#20 Almost all aliens are fluent in English. And if an alien is speaking in its own tongue, they can likely understand English as well.

#21 There is always a full moon, no other phase.

#22 When the main character is fighting evil...

Source: © Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 / Warner Bros. and co-producers, © The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

If the hero is up against evil, his enemies will certainly try to approach him via his lover. As a result, most heroes are willing to end their relationship with the heroine to keep her safe, as Edward Cullen in Twilight.

#23 A strong, level-headed man will always choose a partner with a poor sense of humor and a tendency to talk nonstop. However, the latter ultimately saves his life.

#24 The meanest girl in school has two unintelligent friends who are always with her. And one of them, deep down, doesn't want to be there.

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