32 Painfully Funny Situations Everybody Has Experienced, But Nobody Talks About

Many things in life connect everyone, such as feelings of joy, love, anger, sadness, and hope, but there are also those painfully funny situations that everyone can relate to. Thus, we don’t necessarily talk about them. It can be the awkward dance of passing someone while thinking about whether to make eye contact or not. Or maybe it can be the satisfaction of finally cleaning up that huge booger that has been bothering you for a whole day. Whether we are in the supermarket, on the bus, or at the workplace, we might all go through similar experiences. However, most of us are just not aware of how similar we all think and react to such situations.
So to normalize the conversation about painfully funny situations everybody has experienced but nobody talks about, we have collected some common occurrences here. So get ready to connect with the world using your mannerisms, and keep scrolling down to check them out. We believe you will find them as hilarious as they are relatable. Enjoy!

#1. Insert *planking*

Source: cocomkan

#2. Also, when you don’t know someone’s name but you’ve known them long enough so it would be too awkward to ask.

Source: TraeGilley

#3. All. the. time.

Source: annmarkk

#4. Or you Google it and realize you've got five or six horrible diseases simultaneously.

Source: badboycammyt

#5. The best feeling ever.

Source: YafetM

#6. The double check:

Source: abgates7

#7. After 40 coughs you should just abandon all shame and cough forever.

Source: Syphlor

#8. Don't call me out like that.

Source: Kurokenji_

#9. And then you finally see that you made a spelling error in your username.

Source: joeyellis

#10. The sneeze from the depths of hell:

Source: poth0le

#11. It's nature's way of telling you to calm down.

Source: mikaimikai_

#12. The wetness:


#13. Especially when they go “None of your cards are funny!!”

Source: alexismayse

#14. The stupidity:

Source: pop_sule

#15. The focus:


#16. Yup, the actual day off is stressful because you feel it slipping away.

Source: Sapphorous

#17. The blank:

Source: therealcodybuer

#18. The escalation:

Source: hernameee

#19. The love:

Source: _kttg

#20. Or when you miss your favorite part of the song because something distracted you so you have to listen to the whole song again:

Source: phenomoo7

#21. "I don’t even know you like that."

Source: Leeshaaa__

#22. The phone call:

Source: Johnjay Van Es

#23. “Does July 40th, 2075 sound good? We only have an 8 AM.”

Source: itsqail

#24. "Come in"

Source: seangallagher96

#25. The accuracy.

Source: SageOfTheEnd

#26. The mad dash:

Source: Parblooflagos_

#27. Those 19 people are cousins and family and you know it.

Source: Lord_RedTiger

#28. *scwitchie scwitchie*

Source: NewWxve_

#29. The hardest choice:

Source: UnboundHeteroglossia

#30. Ye ol' garbage-can read:

Source: davidconfused

#31. The fear:


#32. And lastly, the f**ks:

Source: proxactears

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