10+ Times Famous Models Revealed How She Can Have Perfects Pics

It can be tough to fathom that the individual who appears to have flawless beauty in an Instagram photo had to work through a number of challenges in order to get that ideal image. After all, the vast majority of Instagram photographs are manufactured, don't you think?
The internet trolls did, in fact, emerge from their hiding places to make harsh "suggestions" about how she may change her appearance by altering her body. Chessie responded by posting a frightening video of herself to Instagram, in which she included the comments and suggestions of her followers. If we conformed our appearance and altered our inherent beauty to please every internet troll, and gave in to the demands of every cyberbully, we would be monstrous. She captioned the disturbing video with the following: "NO ONE should have to deal with constant abuse online, regardless of how many followers they have.
A Thai model known as Vienna Doll has created a humorous web series that she calls "Instagram vs. Reality." In it, she posts amusing behind-the-scenes images from the photoshoots that she does. Have a look at the gallery below to see some of her most hilarious posts.

1. That's how it's done

2. Booongg

3. That's Just Suffocating


5. Phewwww

6. Ugh Ughhhh

7. Forever Alone!

8. That's The End

9. Reality Is...

10. Hot as H*ll

11. I Used To

12. Stay cool? Nah, stay wild!


14. 2-sided effect

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