Camilo Madrigal: 8 Interesting Facts You Missed About Him

Disney's Encanto is a breath of fresh air for the animated musical film genre, thanks in large part to its lovable characters and catchy songs, which were co-written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film follows the life of 15-year-old Mirabel, a member of the Madrigal family. Camilo Madrigal is a supporting character from a beloved Disney animated feature film. Camilo Madrigal is Pepa and Felix Madrigal's middle child. His mother has emotional control over the weather, his older sister Dolores can hear a pin drop from a mile away, and his younger brother Antonio can communicate with animals. Camilo is also capable of shapeshifting. He has an intriguing ability to shapeshift and is one of the most popular characters in the movie.
Those who are perplexed as to who the Shapeshifter is in Encanto should rest assured that we are here to clear up any confusion. Therefore, please read this article to obtain further details.

#1. When Is Camilo Madrigal Birthday?

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Camilo was born on December 28th, he is a 15-year-old to parents Pepa and Felix of the Colombian Madrigal family. He is also Dolores' younger brother and Antonio's older brother. His family is quite large, and he has many cousins. He is Julieta's, Bruno's, and Augustin's nephew, as well as Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel's cousin. Camilo received the gift of shapeshifting when he was five years old, and he then moved from the nursery into his room. He sometimes enjoys using this gift to make fun of his relatives and to care for the village's children and infants.

Camilo's shapeshifting ability has proven to be ineffective in the community, so his Abuela Alma assigned him the fewest responsibilities. Camilo, like all of his relatives, appears to be under pressure and insecure, as most boys his age are. As a result, he frequently hides his fears behind his cheerful demeanor and is frequently described as "someone who does not know who he is yet."

#2. Height and Weight

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Camilo’s height according to the family photo is the same as Bruno’s, which is 5’4ft. This young teen weighs about 141 lbs which are approximately 64kg. For his age, he is very healthy and energetic. He is always full of energy and there for his family, impish by nature but good by heart.

#3. Personality

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Camilo is the prankster of the Madrigal family who loves to tease his loved ones and crack jokes. Even though he can be an imp most of the time, he has a heart of gold. Looking out and being there for his family. From time to time he passes snide remarks like how the family was homeless after the destruction of Casita.
He is also described as the ‘Theater Kid’, who is easygoing, loving, funny, and witty unlike his older sister who is always quiet, and a younger brother of shy nature. Camilo is a child who loves to be in the spotlight and enjoys telling exaggerated stories made from rumors. Though it is not much openly shown during the movie, Camilo loves playing soccer with kids from town and with Casita.

#4. What are Camilo Madrigal’s likes and dislikes?

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Despite Camilo’s sweet and impish nature, he does have his likes and dislikes. Camilo does not like to be put into dangerous situations, getting caught, or getting scolded, he cannot see his brother sad, or sister throwing flowers at his face. Moreover, the Fear of losing his power is also something he is not fond of at all.

#5. Does Camilo have an identity crisis?

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Unfortunately, our favorite character is experiencing an identity crisis. The reason for this is that he enjoys assisting others, but unlike other family members, his shapeshifting ability is ineffective. With his cheerful and loving demeanor, he tries to conceal his insecurities and fears.

#6. Camilo Encanto Special Powers

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Camilo can shapeshift, which was bestowed on him when he was only five years old. He can take on the shape and appearance of any living person he has ever seen. When he uses this ability, his clothes also shapeshift to match the person whose form he is taking. Camilo has honed this ability over the years, and he can shapeshift only certain parts of his body if he so desires. So this power has some drawbacks, as he will shapeshift involuntarily if he feels any stress, shock, or pain. When he is afraid or nervous, as a result, his head will turn into an infant's on top of his body, and his arms will fold.

#7. Camilo sings his version of Bruno as a scary and evil monster with rats on his back.

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As the family started eating, he listed with a mischievous smile to Alma's announcement regarding Mariano Guzmán's proposal to Isabela that would take place that night. Sitting next to Isabela, after Alma finished speaking, Camilo shapeshifts into Mariano and made kissy faces to tease her, to which she responded by flicking flowers into his mouth. When breakfast concludes, Camilo joins everyone in the family chanting "La Familia Madrigal" before returning to her daily activities. Later, Camilo joined his family in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" after Dolores' verse telling Mirabel about their estranged, missing uncle Bruno. Having no real memories of his uncle, due to him leaving when he was five, Camilo chooses to dramatize his uncle to Mirabel as a boogeyman-like figure for fun. In his verses he describes his uncle in a negative way similar to his parents by shapeshifting into a version of Bruno with shining green eyes, an evil grin, and surrounded by rats, moving in sinister ways.

#8. Who Plays Camilo Madrigal?

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Camilo Madrigal, Pepa and Félix's kid, Dolores and Antonio's sibling, and Mirabel's cousin who "doesn't quite know who he is yet" and can shape-shift, is played by Rhenzy Feliz.
"Someone who's a bit crazy, a little dramatic, and someone who's a lot of fun, and a lot of energy, you're born an entertainer," said Camilo's voice actor, Rhenzy Feliz. So that's Camilo for you. He's this entertainer, you know.

#9. The Family Madrigal

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Encanto's central theme is family. As the plot progresses, we learn about the complex Madrigal family dynamics, where not everything is as it appears. Indeed, the characters in Encanto are all deeply connected to one another and certainly look out for one another; however, they each harbor personal truths that have long been buried for the sake of family and duty.

#10. Encanto Voice Actors List

Here is a complete list of Encanto Voice actors:
Voice actorCharacter
Stephanie BeatrizMirabel Madrigal
María Cecilia BoteroAbuela Alma Madrigal
John LeguizamoBruno Madrigal
Mauro CastilloFélix Madrigal
Jessica DarrowLuisa Madrigal
Angie CepedaJulieta Madrigal
Carolina GaitánPepa Madrigal
Diane GuerreroIsabela Madrigal
Wilmer ValderramaAgustín Madrigal
AdassaDolores Madrigal
Rhenzy FelizCamilo Madrigal
Ravi-Cabot ConyersAntonio Madrigal
MalumaMariano Guzman
Alan TudykPico
Although Camilo was just a side character, he was so important to the main plot. Hope that sometime in the future, we can get a second Encanto where we get to see all of the side characters in action, or at least a few Disney Short Films on some of them, especially Camilo.
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