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  1. 2. Harry doesn't seem to fit in dresses while Hermione seems to be born to wear suits

15 Hilarious Face Swap Photos That Brighten Up A Gloomy Day!

What if the world suddenly became extremely "scary" when there were strange beasts with human faces? What if one day you see yourself wearing someone else's face? Is it scary? Funny? Strange?
In recent years, face-swapping has created a global craze. In fact, 1 photo editing software was born to meet the curiosity of netizens, with the "super trick" of face swapping. The "victims" in edited hilarious face swap photos have fallen into a funny situation when they see their faces in a little bit scary yet playful photos.If you are going through a boring, sleepy working day, please spend a few minutes of Entertainment with us. Today, this article will bring you laughter with 15 hilarious face-swap photos that will brighten up your gloomy day. Halloween is over, but you can save these ideas for next year's costume season.For more funny and confusing photos, check out our posts herehere, and here!

1. Do I eat breakfast or does the breakfast eat me?

face swap photos 1Source: boredpanda

2. Harry doesn't seem to fit in dresses while Hermione seems to be born to wear suits

face swap photos 2Source: Pinterest

3. Little grandpa and big grandson

face swap photos 3Source: twitter

4. Hey, Halloween is over. Stop scaring me!

face swap photos 4Source: boredpanda

5. Dark skin seal with a bewildered face

face swap photos 5Source: reddit

6. The male passenger in the back seat was completely oblivious...

face swap photos 6Source: boredpanda

7. The man with the scary face and the bearded doll

face swap photos 7Source: Cheezburger

8. The sleepy chicken and his excited master

face swap photos 8Source: imgur

9. Behold - the movie: 'bearded princess and girly prince'

face swap photos 9Source: reckontalk

10. The cat with the experienced face

face swap photos 10Source: meowingtons

11. This dog looks bewildered when it suddenly has to be human

face swap photos 11Source: quora

12. The suspicious face...

face swap photos 12Source: insider

13. Grumpy family...

face swap photos 13Source: funcage

14. Grumpy Snow White and pretty dwarf

face swap photos 14Source: awesomeinventions

15. Friends forever!

face swap photos 15Source: wallpapers

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