20 People Whose Unique Traits Make Them Stand Out

Who says you are abnormal? Trust me. You are unique. We are all different from each other. We all are born with our one-of-a-kind traits, for example, our different colored eyes, our special birthmarks, or other genetic traits. Those things make you stand out in the crowd. Therefore, love who you are and love what you have. These people in the list below also have their own unique traits that no one else has. They love those things and are very confident to share them with other people online.
Now, prepare to be amazed. If you are well-prepared, scroll down to take a look at what sets these folks apart from others. And vote for the characteristic that you think is the most unusual and powerful genetic trait. Also, if you have any special genetic traits, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

#1. I was born with 4 toes on one foot

Source: Itsabeautifulwar

#2. I have only four fingers on my left hand and have an index finger instead of my thumb

Source: evan4765

#3. My deformed hand

Source: OstrichBakedGhoul

#4. My sons nostrils are shaped like little hearts

Source: alfreduncovered

#5. Freckle overload

Source: Rarity_bee

#6. Love the ”pattern” in my wifes eyes!

Source: snakepatay

#7. My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent

Source: ChewyPickle

#8. My eye with stitches after full thickness cornea transplant

Source: JelliedBiscuit

#9. Me 6'3" and my kindergarten teacher

Source: TAussieG

#10. The right joint of my thumb never developed. I can't bend it

Source: Jousan_

#11. My buddy and his coworker at McDonalds

Source: [deleted]

#12. My left eye is about 1/3 grey

Source: Nico_LaBras

#13. Pupil strangely shaped. Should I worry?

Unique TraitsSource: aisodoehtraed

#14. I was born with extremely crooked thumbs

Unique TraitsSource: Feck5

#15. None of my fingers have a middle joint

Unique TraitsSource: JayFayad

#16. A birthmark developed under the skin on my right ring finger where the nail i formed. It permanently colors the nail and leaves brown pinstripe the width of the birthmark

Unique TraitsSource: Franneboy

#17. I have a birthmark in my eye. It's called a sectoral heterochromia

Unique TraitsSource: injaneinthemembrane

#18. Our baby came out with some hair

Unique TraitsSource: the_chosen_ginger

#19. There's a patch on my leg that doesn't get goosebumps

Unique TraitsSource: mcrfreak78

#20. I have purple eyes

Unique TraitsSource: Sorranne

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