11 Sweet Girls On Screen Who Shone in Villains Roles That Are Reminiscent Of Werewolves Under a Full Moon

Many actors and actresses can’t separate from a certain type of character. It is because either they’ve portrayed them for so long or they completely knocked the role out of the park. Particularly in the cases of superheroes and expansive franchises, an actor can easily become forever tied to a character.
Over years, Hollywood had made countless hero origin stories and most actors are a sucker for hero roles. However, some actors, even “good girls” challenge themselves by transforming into villains. They fulfill their roles so perfectly that viewers want to explore the characters’ dark side immediately.
Below are 11 actresses who successfully turned themselves into villains. Click here and here to read more of our articles.

#1 Emma Watson

Source: © My Week with Marilyn / BBC Films and co-producers© Regression / Mod Producciones and co-producers

The Harry Potter star looked like a shy cat when taking on the role of the costume designer in “My Week with Marilyn”. However, she turned into a 2-faced schemer in “Regression”.

#2 Carey Mulligan

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © An Education / BBC Films and co-producers© Promising Young Woman / Focus Features and co-producers

Carey Mulligan embodied the naive Jenny in “An Education” but became an avenger in “Promising Young Woman”.

#3 Rebecca Ferguson

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © The Girl on the Train / Dreamworks Pictures and co-producers© Doctor Sleep / Warner Bros. and co-producers

The actress played a young mother in “The Girl on the Train” and the head of a bandit group in the screen version of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep.

#4 Blake Lively

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © The Age of Adaline / Lionsgate and co-producers© A Simple Favor / BRON Studios and co-producers

Blake Lively appeared as a gorgeous lady in “The Age of Adaline”. In “A Simple Favor” she was a con artist.

#5 Emma Thompson

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © Sense and Sensibility / Columbia Pictures and co-producers© Cruella / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Viewers saw the intellectual and prudent Elinor in “Sense and Sensibility” and a glamour psycho in “Cruella”.

#6 Scarlett Johansson

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © Jojo Rabbit / Piki Films and co-producers© Under the Skin / British Film Institute (BFI) and co-producers

Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of a strong-spirited single mother in “Jojo Rabbit” took away a lot of viewers’ tears. In Under the Skin, she was obnoxious when appearing as an alien male kidnapper.

#7 Rachel McAdams

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © The Notebook / New Line Cinema and co-producers© Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows / Warner Bros. and co-producers

We fall in love with a sweet girl (played by Rachel McAdams) in “The Notebook but hate a greedy cheater in “Sherlock Holmes” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”.

#8 Emma Stone

Source: © Aloha / Columbia Pictures and co-producers© The Favourite / Searchlight Pictures and co-producers

She played a brave pilot in Aloha and a Shameless courtier in “The Favourite”.

#9 Elle Fanning

Sweet Girls On ScreenSource: © Twixt / American Zoetrope© Maleficent / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Elle Fanning was famous for starring as Aurora in the blockbuster “Maleficent”. But many might not know that previously she took on the role of a bad girl named Vampira in the 2011 movie “Twixt”.

#10 Anne Hathaway

Source: © The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© The Dark Knight Rises / Warner Bros. Pictures and co-producers

Many were surprised when seeing Anne Hathaway transform from an innocent schoolgirl who is destined to become a princess in “The Princess Diaries” into a bad girl in the film “The Dark Knight Rises”.

#11 Monica Bellucci

Source: © The Ages of Love / Filmauro and co-producers© The Brothers Grimm / MGM and co-producers

In “The Ages of Love”, Monica Bellucci appeared as a romantic beauty but in “The Brothers Grimm”, she became a bloodthirsty queen.
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