7 Times We Forgot About Shocking Scandals Of Famous People

In this rapidly-changing world, news comes at us so fast that we don’t even have time to realize what they are, not to say remembering them. Some news may completely catch your attention today, but tomorrow another may pop up and seize all of your enthusiasm.
Such is the thing with scandals made by our beloved Entertainment industry stars, who are often forgotten and forgiven for their mistakes and misconducts. But something cannot and should not be completely thrown into oblivion, as in the cases of 7 celebrities below.

1. Two Individuals Lost Their Lives Because Of Matthew Broderick’s “Careless Driving”

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In 1987, Broderick’s car collided with an approaching automobile while the actor was on the wrong side of the road in Ireland, murdering the two people inside. Although he could have been sentenced to half a decade in jail, Broderick ultimately only had to pay a $175 fine for "careless driving." The victims' relatives said, "Oh, come on," when they saw him in a Super Bowl ad 10 years later driving a Honda.

2. Vanessa Williams Appeared In Erotica Products

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The earliest African-American Miss America, Vanessa Williams, was given the title in 1983, but her achievement was overshadowed by the disclosure that Williams had shot for erotic pictures making love with another woman 2 years before, which were bought by Penthouse magazine, who later unauthorizedly publish such pictures upon her victory.
Despite the fact that Williams would later become successful in her career as a singer and actor, she had her crown relinquished back then. Williams shared that the person who took the photos insisted that only her silhouette would be visible. She didn’t receive any public apology as well, until 2015, when ex-CEO of Miss America Sam Haskell said sorry to her.

3. Ted Danson Did Blackface

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Danson thought it would be funny to attend the Friars Club roast of his then-partner Whoopi Goldberg in 1993 while wearing full minstrel blackface. He then performed a horribly racist concert for a crowd that alternated between puzzled giggles, startled silence, and storming out. Goldberg later admitted that she had planned the stunt herself, but she and Danson also broke up soon after, so… good job, you two.

4. Elvis Costello’s Discrimination Rant

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By insulting Ray Charles and James Brown in a racist manner in a bar in 1979, Costello incited a fight involving many other musicians. Yes, that phrase was employed. A lot.
He summoned a news conference to explain that he had to "outrage these folks with the most insulting and nasty statements I could muster to put the argument to a rapid finish and free myself of their presence" because he was already all but canceled at the time.

5. Reese Witherspoon Was Arrested For DUI And The Hilarious Story Behind

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Reese Witherspoon's spouse, Jim Toth, was charged with DUI in 2013, and similar to one of her noisy characters, Witherspoon simply couldn't keep quiet about it. The arresting policeman noted that Mrs. Witherspoon "began to hang out the window and say that she did not think that I was a real police officer."
He handcuffed her after she refused to obey his command to remain inside and began shouting about how she had the right to "stand on American ground" as an "American citizen." Is my name known to you? I'm about to reveal my identity to you," she blustered. She went on to say, as if it were he who was bumbling around, "You are going to be on national news."

6. Jerry Seinfield Was In A Relationship With A High School Student

Source: Reddit

At the age of 38 and at the height of his '90s sitcom stardom, Jerry Seinfeld was reportedly reduced to picking up women in Central Park.
One of these ladies was Shoshanna Lonstein, a 17-year-old high schooler who he very publicly dated for the following four years. When he asked her out, he pretended not to know her age, but over the course of the next five years, he eventually did.

7. Tupac Shakur Was Convicted Of Sexual Abuse

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Hip-hop fans are certainly aware that Tupac served time in jail in 1995, but the reasons he went there for is often forgotten: luring a lady to his hotel room where, as the victim claimed, he and three other men sexually abused her.
Tupac refuted the allegations, but the fact that he was ultimately convicted in the American legal system and his complete lack of comprehension of consent in his refutations ("How am I going to force a lady to do something to me that we've previously done consensually?") are very damning.
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