8 Celebrity Scandals That No One Remembered

These days, almost nobody is able to follow close to scandals, which come so fast at us, as the 24-hour news cycle stays true to its name, and the rich keep being themselves.
You may as well receive a message about a top-tier of a technology firm CEO suggesting that the impoverished should just consume their newborns before you are able to complete comprehending a news related to a Hollywood hunk caught red-handed sending naked pics to teenagers.
Well, nobody could hold it against you if you forgot it.

1. Jennifer Lawrence Cleaned Her Butt With Hawaiian Relics

Source: Lionsgate

During a time in the middle of the 2010s when we believed Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous from top to toe, she felt free to share a tale about filming The Hunger Games in Hawaii and using holy rocks to rub her bottom. The one-time J-butt Law's was so awful as she even caused a landslide.

2. Paul McCartney Was Imprisoned In Japan

Source: Getty Images

McCartney might have been sentenced to 7 years in jail for his 1980 trip to Japan with his band Wings and a huge suitcase of marijuana. He ultimately served only nine days, leading the other prisoners in singalongs, before being let go and deported.
He claimed that he was subconsciously motivated to disband the band when he was interviewed about what the heck he was having in his mind, although there appear to be simpler solutions. It's not as if he hadn't previously done it.

3. Nicolas Cage Was Taken Into Custody For Domestic Violence

Source: Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

Cage was detained in New Orleans in 2011 after getting into a heated argument with his then-spouse about where they resided. Actually, no.
Witnesses claimed he pulled her violently toward what he claimed was the rental home they were staying in and generally disturbed the peace. In the end, he wasn’t prosecuted, but not before Dog the Bounty Hunter bailed him out because the movie needed to grow weirder.

4. Snoop Dogg Faced A Homicide Trial

Source: Corbis / Getty Images

Yes, it was him. The LAPD completely botched the investigation, everybody appeared to be in agreement that Snoop wasn't even who held the gun, and the stoner grandpa was defended by Johnnie Cochran who had just won the O.J. case. As a result, the prosecution never stood an opportunity, but everybody enjoyed making jokes about "Murder Was the Case."

5. David Letterman Was Made To Confess To Sexual Misconduct

Source: Tom Keaney

When a CBS worker tried to blackmail Letterman in 2009 for $2M, he was forced to admit on live broadcast that he had improper interactions with his staff. What happened in 2009? Were we truly preoccupied with Slender Man to miss this?

6. Rob Lowe Recorded Himself Engaging In Sexual Activity With A Minor

Source: FOX / Getty Images

Before he started making light of males with eating issues in humorous ways, a sex tape of Lowe, a 23-year-old woman, and a 16-year-old girl was released to the media. He also paid off her family, denied knowing her age, and later referred to the incident as "the nicest thing that ever happened to" him since it inspired him to quit drinking. Disgusting.

7. Paul Walker Was Involved In Relationships With 2 Teenagers

Source: PCN

When Walker died, it was discovered that he was residing with a 23-year-old lady. The thing is, the Fast franchise star began dating her when she was only 16. Formerly, he also dated a 16-year-old lady when he was 28. In fact, Walker aged while his mistresses remained the same age.

8. Lindsay Lohan Attempted To Abduct A Kid

Source: Getty Images

Lohan shared on a live broadcast on IG in 2018 as she harassed a homeless family in Moscow and attempted to persuade the kids to leave with her. She even chastised the parents for not allowing the kids to leave with the first slurring stranger who offered them Movies in a hotel room.
Lohan ultimately seemed to grasp at one of the kids and got hit by their mom. She was never charged and declined to speak about the incident, telling Paper Magazine that she was "too exhausted" to do so.
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