26 Students Whose Brilliant Answers Became The Art Of Failing A Test

We all hate tests at school. They stress us out as hell and kill our confidence. What can be worse than forgetting all about an important exam until D-Day? Of course, many of us have been there, sitting in the classroom, scratching our heads, staring at the test paper, and not getting even one single clue. The questions don't make any sense to us but we just can't leave the answer sheets as completely blank as our minds. More often than not, we often write down what we blindly guess or randomly choose one among A, B, C, or D in multiple questions. However, there are some clever students who manage to come up with bright responses to questions they don’t know. Those answers are not necessarily correct but hilariously brilliant enough to leave a deep impression on others!
We’ve put together a list of 25 funny test answers that will make you wonder if they are better than the correct ones. Roll down and have a good laugh!

#1. A+ for creativity

Source: bluewolfey1999

#2. "My son, the consummate smart-ass. I think third grade math is boring him."

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#3. My goat is in a pen.

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#4. Everyone has to learn this at some point.

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#5. Admit it. You sang the whole four lines.

Source: JrsSdx

#6. "This is why my kid is going places."

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#7. "My wife is a teacher and found this while marking an assessment"

Source: jimmypompom

#8. Short and straight to the point!!

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#9. You know the laws well

Source: AlexBrior

#10. Fruse

Source: statue1

#11. Got your back, Answer

funny test answersSource: TheImpundulu

#12. This kid is obviously too advance for conventional teaching methods

funny test answersSource: MartyFreeze

#13. Debatable... But still a good answer.

funny test answersSource: novapunkX

#14. Well, If You Say So

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#15. "I believe I already have"

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#16. Why?

funny test answersSource: RavelOnePiece

#17. You said as simple

Source: itissafedownstairs

#18. How are you going to argue with that logic?

funny test answersSource: PizzaSaucez

#19. "My son's best answer this week."

Source: din7

#20. Kid's take on tornado safety

Source: patsfan94

#21. Comrade Stalin liked that

funny test answersSource: _Kjaxs_

#22. Give that boy Scrabble and in a few years and he'll become the next Adegr Aelln Eop

funny test answersSource: makenzie71

#23. This kid...

funny test answersSource: Bobbyrp

#24. Provide an example of a risk.

funny test answersSource: reddit

#25. "Apparently even 7-year-old me was a smart ass."

funny test answersSource: jknight43

#26. "I’d say this was the correct answer."

funny test answersSource: CeleryHater

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