What's The Point Of Having Statues If You Can't Have Fun With Them? As Proven By 28 Hilarious Photos

Statues are lifelike sculptures created in many cultures from prehistory to the present. The first statue even dates back 30,000 years. Typically, statues portray a wide variety of people and animals, real and mythical. And many of them are being displayed in public places as public art. Therefore, when we think of statues, we typically think of big, heavy artworks that carry deeper and more significant meanings.
As a result, most people would tell you that posing with statues for a selfie can be boring, but not those whose pics appear below. These folks will prove to us that posing with statues is a great idea as long as we do it right. So with just some creativity, we can have some of our best social media-worthy photos. Without further ado, let's scroll down below and steal some ideas from these awesome snaps:

#1. That's dedication.

Statues Source: jstrydor

#2. Sneaky sneaky.

Statues Source: Reddit

#3. Unfortunately, the original razor was lost through the tides of time.

Statues Source: SirJukesALot

#4. "All the single ladies"

Statues Source: Luqman5739

#5. Perfect fit.

Statues Source: Unknown

#6. "Those damned Klepto-tourists are at it once again."

Source: Unknown

#7. "Back off he's mine!"

Statues Source: Reddit

#8. WHY?!?!?!

Statues Source: rephan

#9. Great, even statues are getting more action than me.

Source: Legoyman

#10. "Not my idea of getting hammered."

StatuesSource: Reddit

#11. "Lady, I never move from this spot. I have no idea where the bathrooms are."

StatuesSource: Unknown

#12. Give it up man. She has a heart of stone.

Source: Unknown

#13. The statues in this city aren't very fond of spiders.

Source: guilleart

#14. "You are coming home right now you can see your girlfriend another day."

Source: J2point074

#15. Hitchcockian.

Source: Unknown

#16. Cat pictures. No doubt about that.

Source: Rold RamCab

#17. This takes "Busting my ass!" to new levels.

Source: Unknown

#18. Get a room y'all.

Source: Unknown

#19. "But officer..."

Source: Unknown

#20. "Sweetie, your boob is popping out"

Source: Unknown

#21. Ouch!

Source: Unknown

#22. "Just what I thought... no balls!"

Source: Unknown

#23. Lucky statue.

Source: Unknown

#24. This is a holdup.

Source: Imgur

#25. Her reaction is 10/10.

Source: Unknown

#26. "Yes, grandpa."

Source: piximus

#27. No, thanks

Source: Kikujiroo

#28. Reunion:

Source: Unknown

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