Reactions On Twitter To Leonardo DiCaprio's Breakup With 25-Year-Old Girlfriend

The entertainment world is a fascinating and unpredictable one. It can be difficult to foresee what curveball celebrities will throw at us next because of the random PR couplings and dramatic awards show events.
Normal people like us are usually kept interested by this element of surprise, but there are some aspects of the culture that we have become accustomed to. We can anticipate the moment Leonardo DiCaprio will break up with his significant half based on their date of birth, for example, and we know that every year we're likely to see a new franchise emerge in an effort to squeeze more money from us.
The Oscar winner's four-year relationship with Camila Morrone, who turned 25 back in June, was over, according to news reports. It goes without saying that folks on Twitter were ready with jokes about his renowned preference for young women. The consistency would be impressive if it weren't so horrifyingly weird.
Today, check out some hilarious tweets about the famous DiCaprio's Breakup with his 25-year-old woman below!


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