10+ Celebrities Who Worked Hard on Their Image and Look Amazing Now

Celebrities changing their appearance is not a new thing. Hollywood often demands stars looking young and attractive so it’s intense pressure to put on anyone. While many alter their looks to take part in a new film, an advertising campaign, or a music video, others – just because they want to.
Some embrace a new era by just changing the little things. Whether it’s hair color or lip shape, their transformations always feel like a total makeover. We’ve decided to go back in time a little bit to see how some of our favorite famous people looked several years ago and we compared their looks to what they look like these days.
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#1 Bradley Cooper

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At the beginning of his career, Cooper often appeared with messy blonde hair and preferred the tendency for messiness in his clothing, like unbuttoned shirts. But now, he chooses his natural hair color back and puts on a tux with a bowtie.

#2 Emma Watson

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Because of getting famous early, many can follow the evolution of Emma’s appearance this whole time. At some point, she appeared in public with a short pixie cut. Now, she grew back her long hair and exposed her forehead.

#3 Emma Stone

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During her career, Emma Stone dyed her hair. We often see her with bright ginger hair. Additionally, she loved the smoky eye and bronzer look. But now, she seems to transform into a new person.

#4 Katy Perry

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Throughout her career, she experienced dozens of transformations. She used to make a splash in the media when getting a boy cut. Now, she loves a bright blonde. By the way, the red lipstick that she loves looks amazing with her new hairstyle.

#5 Natalia Vodianova

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There was a time when Natalia Vodianova really loved appearing in public with bright makeup, especially red lips and brightly colored dresses. Now, she changed her style, wearing minimalistic makeup.

#6 Blake Lively

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At the beginning of her career, Blake Lively was always associated with bronze skin and simple clothes. Over time, she changed her style, transforming the attractive “girl next door” type into something called “elegant femininity and luxury”. Today, she often appears in elegant dresses and beautifully-styled hair.

#7 Charlize Theron

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Many realized that Charlize Theron looked great with short hair after she shaved her head bald for her role in “Monster”. This simple hairstyle and makeup made her look several years younger.

#8 Kerry Washington

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For years, we always see Kerry Washington with her straight hair. Today, she has finally let her natural curls take over and they look great. They make her look light and playful.

#9 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence was always a cute girl with long light hair and maybe a spray tan at the beginning of her career. But now, she looks more elegant, changing her hair color to platinum blond. she doesn't have tan skin anymore, and she has a more retro vibe.

#10 Elle Fanning

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Elle Fanning often appeared in public with natural makeup and light dresses with flowers and lace that fitted her role of princess. When growing up, she decided to alter her style. Her hair color is cooler and she experiences a lot with her makeup, accentuating her eyes.

#11 Khloé Kardashian

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Khloé Kardashian looks like an entirely different person and her face is getting slimmer. While in the past, she was cute with chubby cheeks, she looks more elegant today.
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