30 Photos That Will Drive You Crazy When You Are Hungry Or Not

When you’re too tired to cook or don’t have time to do it, ordering meals from restaurants or dining out is the best alternative. However, this can be like gambling because you never know if meals in the advertisement or in real life are better. Indeed, advertising photos are only "illustrative", but many people cry their eyes out because their meals differ too much from the promotional images of restaurant owners and even huge brandings. We assume that you've run into these situations before, and you've had to be upset or you've gone crazy for days, right?
Perhaps the images of the dishes below are worse than yours. Here are 30 examples of how putting too much faith in food advertisements may lead to despair and helplessness. Scroll down till the end to see unique photos that will bring some jaw-dropping surprises into your lives. Try not to go nuts but we think it’s not easy.

#1. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Source: aggadoo

#2. Thanks

Source: ChrystalAylward

#3. When You Are Starving But Still Can't Eat

Source: EdgarBopp

#4. This Is What Happens When My Mother Sees Recipes On Facebook

Source: ZoePeachy

#5. Six Pieces Of Cheese Lmao

Source: kinkiestkitten

#6. Oh No

Source: kainegus

#7. Is It Raw?

Source: Jeloz

#8. Looks Like Dolly Parton On Meth


#9. What Happened To You, Mickey?

Source: SnooPeppers2265

#10. Hmmm

Source: tay7x

#11. Something From Silent Hill

Source: KarmaCollider

#12. There Are No Words.

Source: LadySchul

#13. My Iranian Ice Cream

Source: SoggyConclusion4674

#14. Poor You

Source: Flyingforme

#15. OMG, Where Are The Chocolate Chips?

Source: DrBasia

#16. So Delicious

Source: 6p3nce

#17. He Is Perfect The Way He Is

Source: halwares

#18. Life Is Not A Dream

Source: csaliture

#19. I Feel Ripped Off...

Source: DecypherSlo

#20. Minnie Hungry! Minnie Want Eat!

Source: MrSquid224

#21. Oh Great

Source: alexx_y

#22. Welp

Source: TheOhNeeders

#23. Mmm Pie…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Source: brayab

#24. Really?

Source: magnus_flynx

#25. Sadman

Source: kirsty1441

#26. This Brownie

Source: skinavish

#27. Chicken Shrunk In Wash.

Source: ZoePeachy

#28. Mission Failed

Source: peachgoo

#29. Expectation & Reality

Source: krankheit1981

#30. Burger King Grill Dog Cheddar and Bacon

Source: victorius21

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