11 Times Celebrities Fired Other Celebrities

Even the most well-known stars in Hollywood have occasionally been fired. However, what you don’t see very often is that some of them were fired by other celebrities, which makes it 10 times more interesting to see.
Amy Schumer recently hit the headlines when she fired Penn Badgley's wife from her position as a doula, a support person you may employ to help you through childbirth and the postpartum period.
Amy said on Penn's podcast, "I feel like I know you because your wife helped bring my son into this world. Domino and I are due to have a conversation. We were gonna work together longer after I had Gene. I suddenly was like, 'I'm good and I don't need a postpartum doula anymore.' The truth was — this is pretty unfair to her, after I had Gene — I was recovering from a C-section. Domino is like a goddess. She's an actual floating siren around the house. She's so, like, just lovely and when she touches you just kind of melt. And she was really a family member. And I just felt so vulnerable that I was like, ‘I can't have this Botticelli fucking goddess floating around my home when I am, like, bleeding out.'"
Check out 10 more similar situations when celebs fire other celebs below.

#1 Omarosa, who was an aid for Donald Trump, was fired by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly:

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Kelly let her go into the Situation Room. The then-president asserted that he was not informed of Omarosa's dismissal. Read more here.

#2 Jessica Simpson fired her dad, Joe Simpson, as her manager:

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"He was always my manager, so I found it very difficult to do that. That was our connection, "During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she stated. Later, Jessica responded that she fired her father during a family dinner when Jimmy questioned how she did it. They are still "best friends," she did claim.

#3 In an early Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, Kim Kardashian fired Kris Jenner:

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In the early years of her stardom, Kim supposedly felt that Kris was "overbooking" her. Kim even conducted interviews with prospective new managers in front of Kris. The TV scene is utterly absurd.

Kris even changed her voicemail to this:

Celebs Fired Other CelebsSource: E!

#4 Jeff Lewis fired his Flipping Out costar Jenni Pulos in a very dramatic, intense moment:

Source: Bravo

In his confessional, Jeff admitted that he had not even decided to fire her until an hour before the meeting. Jenni claimed she was taken by surprise. I would say this to her face, but I do believe that over the years she changed — in the sense of, not who she was off the cameras, but who she was on the cameras. This is why I let her go," he remarked on his radio show when asked why he did so. Jenni had a great sense of humor and was caustic, edgy, and dark. Then, when her husband abandoned her and it was tragic, there was an enormous outpouring of sympathy around Season 2 or Season 3. And it nearly seems as though she turned into a victim on video. From that point on, I noticed that she seemed more polished and self-aware on camera than she did in real life.

#5 Kim Kardashian fired her former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, who had become a celebrity in her own right:

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Fans of Keeping Up are aware that Stephanie established herself as a main character in the Kardashian world. However, Kim quickly fired her after she admitted to Kourtney that she felt "unfulfilled" with her life. The exchange struck Kim as "unprofessional."

#6 Andy Cohen fired Dorinda Medley most recently after she had a rough last season on Real Housewives of New York City:

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Dorinda's termination, or "being put on pause" as she puts it, was a major plot point on Ultimate Girls Trip, and she steadfastly refused to accept her fate. Despite being fired, she continues to be a legend.

#7 In fact, Andy has fired a bunch of big-name celeb housewives, like Teddi Mellencamp in 2020:

Source: @teddimellencamp / Via Instagram: @teddimellencamp

Teddi, a contentious character on the show, announced her termination on Instagram. She said, "I just learned that my contract as a Housewife is not being renewed. "Of course, I could respond with the clichéd line, "Oh, we both decided it would be best." That's not who I am, so I'm not going to do it. Naturally, I was upset when I learned the news. It nearly has the feeling of a breakup."

#8 Lisa Vanderpump fired James Kennedy after several inappropriate actions while drinking:

Source: Bravo / Via

James displayed a really nasty side on Vanderpump Rules when he drank (and at work too!). He frequently called people names and said unpleasant things to his coworkers. He body-shamed Katie Maloney and said, "Lose some fucking weight." which was the last straw.

#9 Lisa also fired OG Pump cast member Kristen Doute:

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After Kristen ordered another boss to go fuck herself and refused to apologize, Lisa dismissed her. Kristen was a notoriously disobedient employee.

#10 When Kelly Cutrone had Lauren Conrad fire Stephanie Pratt, who was just a mess of an intern:

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Their responsibilities at People Revolution were "for real," according to Kelly, even if The Hills was essentially a fabrication. She fired Stephanie as Kelly's intern because she "couldn't even answer phones," claiming Stephanie was unqualified for the position.
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