20+ Interesting Moments When The End Of A Story Was Better Than The Story Itself

Life on a daily basis can be so monotonous, don't you think? I mean, when your everyday routine consists of working, sleeping, working, sleeping, working, you could find yourself looking for anything to liven it up!
This is why most of us love it when we come across funny and bizarre moments in our lives. It's enjoyable. It's an excellent way to ease boringness and repetition. And it's something we can send to all of our friends in the middle of the day just to have them laugh with us.
These moments hold a very unique special in our hearts because it encourages us to live happier lives, and think less about our worries. But here's the thing: not everything that seems funny is necessarily good for the people involved, some of the stories that we’re about to share with you cover numerous stories, from funny, bizarre, and slight bewilderment, to annoyance, and tragically hilarious. Enjoy these 20+ ending moments that were better than the stories themselves.

#1 News update: Facebook’s monthly audience exceeded 2 billion people.

Source: © uM6eC / pikabu

#2 “I was given a flower and told not to touch or smell it because it stings and stinks.”

Source: © DonPepper007 / reddit

#3 Guy gets windscreen shattered for trying to scare a cat.

Source: © PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS / reddit

#4 Has this ever happened to you?

Source: © Predatorgur / pikabu

#5 When your car wash experience wasn’t that successful:

Source: © Keychain33 / reddit

#6 “I had an inflatable cat on my roof for Halloween. Last night it was very windy. This is what greeted me when I opened the door this morning. Almost had a heart attack.”

Source: © bubonis / reddit

#7 Do you think this is an IT or an accounting department?

Source: © raidfragdominate / reddit

#8 This squirrel feeder exceeded all my expectations. It’s better not to pass by it at night though.

Source: © TheBrokenIphone / reddit

#9 “Started a new job recently, and there’s another Tyler in my department. Had to differentiate myself.”

Source: © StraightupForRealTho / reddit

#10 “I placed an order online to have a new door delivered...”

Source: © nvrthecat / twitter

#11 Pumpkin shot 900 ft into a car at a local pumpkin-launching event

Source: © turnip_for_what_/ reddit

#12 The watchdog turned out to be frighteningly friendly.

Source: © unknown / imgur

#13 “We just celebrated one of our steam locomotives turning 145 years old by chucking a chocolate cake into her firebox.”

Source: © radiojamming / tumblr

#14 “My cat decided to befriend our prop skeleton by getting in its lap and the innocence of this moment is making my head explode.”

Source: © cmurphgarv / reddit

#15 “Finally brought my girlfriend to what I promised her was the best view she’d ever see.”

Source: © EneaVenturini / reddit

#16 That’s fair!

Source: © palegeo / reddit

#17 When you just wanted to show off, but then you had to figure out how to fix the table:

Source: © REPOST_STRANGLER / reddit

#18 Pain from disappointment looks somewhat like this:

Source: © maggieallennnn / twitter

#19 A Texas woman wearing an oversized dog’s head costume tried to rob a convenience store.

Source: © Dncollins20 / reddit

#20 An inexpensive method to impress your guests

Source: © TreesInToronto / reddit

#21 “My friend came home from vacation to see that an owl ran into her car door.”

Source: © DoceQuatro24 / reddit

#22 When ordering a taxi, the passenger warned the driver in the comments that he was going to be accompanied by a big cat.

Source: © lampaker / pikabu

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