23 Times Tattoos Turn Scars And Birthmarks Into Impressive Works Of Art

Scars and birthmarks are often perceived as physical flaws, carrying many hardships and stories of their owners. While some choose to see them as a physical representation of how strong they have been, others go even further to embrace their imperfections by using them as the starting point for some impressive tattoos. That's why we've collected examples of how creative people have used scars and birthmarks to create unique body art.
From turning a scar into Darth Vader's lightsaber to making a birthmark looks like a cutesy ghost, these people didn't let the flaws of their bodies become a problem and even highlighted them with creative tattoos. And all of these artworks are very bold, beautiful, and inspiring in their ways. So, let's scroll down and check out 23 masterpieces that managed to hide birthmarks and scars on the skin and helped people feel confident again.

#1. No bones about it, this one is clever.

Source: Holdenl2121


Source: theechowitch

#3. A very original zipper:

Source: Imgur


Source: Imgur


Source: SloDilf1493


Source: erdogancavdar

#7. A perfect place for a bird to perch:

Source: Imgur

#8. Calm birds.

Source: theechowitch

#9. When your faith is always with you:

Source: Flavia Carvalho

#10. Just hang in there...

Source: pablo.pic.ass.o

#11. A little bit of magic

Source: badwu1f

#12. A tattoo that can twist reality

Source: Flavia Carvalho

#13. Nailed it!

Source: Eric Catalano

#14. So cool!

Source: charlotteglatt_tattoos

#15. "May the force be with you!"

Source: Instagram

#16. Clever "une t√Ęche de vin" tattoo:

Source: Instagram

#17. Simple yet adorable and effective.

Source: hectorfong

#18. Give this artist a medal!

Source: craftarttattoostudio

#19. Such fine and delicate work.

Source: mini_tattooer

#20. "Face your demons" tattoo

Source: MyUsernameIsNotCool

#21. (:

Source: freepsports

#22. Perfect fit!

Source: j9illustration

#23. Scar Trek.

Source: tomsandys

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