25 Coworkers From Hell That These People Had The ‘Pleasure’ Of Working With

If you are facing the dilemma of quitting or staying in your job, what are the top factors that affect your decision? Your boss? The salary? Or the working environment? I don't know about yours, but in my opinion, coworkers are one of the deciding factors for whether to stay in the company or not. If they are friendly and kind, maybe I will stay. But if they are so annoying that everything they do stresses me out, I will leave. Many people dealing with 'coworkers from hell' took pictures of those irritating moments and shared them with others online. All they hope is that they can find anyone who feels them.
I have taken a little diving into the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit and compiled a list of 25 'coworkers from hell' that people have had the 'pleasure' of working with. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. Maybe you will find some of these pics relatable. If you are also dealing with a 'coworker from hell', please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.
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#1. Coworker announced that she and her SO are finally pregnant after years of trying, I got her a box of pastries to celebrate and when I the party was about to start I open the fridge at work and see this...

Coworkers From HellSource: Weyland223

#2. My Coworker returned the front desk stapler like this. Told me it ran out of staples

Coworkers From HellSource: Stupid_Genious

#3. A coworker forgot to put the waste bin back. I found this 6 hours later

Coworkers From HellSource: FlashGordon07

#4. Has to use my coworker's office today who is on vacation to make some phone calls. This is what his phone cord looks like

Coworkers From HellSource: marissakalyn

#5. The way my coworker eats sushi

Coworkers From HellSource: remichelle

#6. M&M's on counter at work. My diabetic coworker, who cannot have any, thinks I'm the devil

Coworkers From HellSource: BillsBayou

#7. The way my coworker used my tape

Coworkers From HellSource: chillicheesefrog

#8. A coworker throws out half-used receipt rolls because he “doesn’t like when the receipts get curly”, I had to fish these out of the bin

Coworkers From HellSource: [deleted]

#9. Coworkers not cleaning their hands before using the oven mitts

Coworkers From HellSource: PandaSushi06

#10. My coworkers desktop

Coworkers From HellSource: BobbyRicecakes

#11. The way my co-worker mops the floor

Source: whatthefunkmaster

#12. My coworker always sits like this in my work truck

Source: Phishphrog

#13. Coworkers don't know how coolers work

Source: buckydean

#14. My coworker has been complaining about lack of available space on her WORK computer…

Source: BadPunsIsHowEyeRoll

#15. The way my coworkers park

Source: Gohjy

#16. This knife blade was 15 days old. Still, factory sharp, when I handed it to a coworker who wanted to borrow my pliers. He had it for 15 mins

Source: theitguy52

#17. Coworker decided to sample every doughnut…

Source: deoxycat

#18. My coworker's phone's screen protector

Source: WildAvis

#19. I have evil coworkers who like to prank me. Fortunately, I don't look when I type anyways

Source: segasaver

#20. The way my coworkers cut this cake

Source: TrendySpork

#21. I don't know why my coworker even bothers to wear pants

Source: lol_camis

#22. My coworker has taken to carving things

Source: FloppyEel

#23. Honestly wtf coworkers

Source: multiplechrometabs

#24. The incredibly distracting way my coworker sits. Seems he finds a new, more bizarre way to sit everyday

Source: gingerette6

#25. The way my coworker pinned this calendar to the wall and completely ignored the hole already punched for him...

Source: rexhemlock

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