F**k Quietly Quitting, Here Are 24 People Who Leave Their Toxic Jobs In The Most Dramatic Ways Possible

People need to work to pay their bills, but sometimes their toxic jobs are not worth fighting for. If you see yourself in this situation but have not quit your job, check out these dramatic stories of people who quit theirs to soothe your soul. While giving two weeks' notice can be a good chance for the employee to thank the boss for the pleasure of working together or curse them off for all the wrongdoings. It can also be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get extra creative and leave the place they have been nine-to-five (or even more) in style. And the people listed below could not fail to miss that shot.
From the loud and clear "F you, I quit" on the portable sign to the "See ya" letter in the form of a wacky meme and postcard, these resignation notices are examples of employee creativity that bosses will not forget anytime soon. Let's scroll down to see them all. Enjoy!

#1. This driver was not paid his monthly salary, so he parked his owner’s car like this and quit his job:

Source: GeeksGyaan

#2. "My boss's secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast."

Source: whothefuqisdan

#3. "So I quit my job today."

Source: nlane515

#4. It’s even better when you see the front, it says “I’m sorry for your loss”

Source: ComicBrooks

#5. "Everyone at my town's McDonald's just quit their toxic jobs at the same time today, leaving behind this sign."

Source: PianoManGidley

"Due to a lack of pay we all quit."

#6. Meet Joe, who doesn't take crap from anyone, even his boss:

Source: jeseely

#7. And that's how you quit:

Source: PackObjective3254

#8. "One of my co-workers quit today. We found this on his desktop."

Source: isujay

#9. The boss should have seen that coming... all the signs were there!

Source: imgur

#10. "My sister quit her job at Mcdonald's after 7+ years, I like her way of leaving."

Source: rubmyphil

#11. You can't fire me because I quit!

Source: AttilaTheMuun


#12. “Last-day cakes are so touching.”

Toxic JobsSource: technodeviant

#13. Well, this is classic Todd.

Toxic JobsSource: ThatsAGreatPost

#14. “Peace”

Toxic JobsSource: yugatron

#15. "My buddy quit his job today, and announced the news to his co-workers with this cake."

Toxic JobsSource: Imgur

#16. This:

Toxic JobsSource: Imgur

#17. "Thanks for all the fish"

Source: JTSnidely

#18. "PS I'm still coming to the Xmas party"

Toxic JobsSource: Spliftopnohgih

#19. Well...

Source: Unknow

#20. I hope those are just bricks coated with icing.

Toxic JobsSource: dudeperson33

#21. "This is how I quit my job today."

Toxic JobsSource: america97futbol

#22. "My boss volunteered me for a golf event that I hated every second of, so I gave her a golf-themed resignation letter."

Toxic JobsSource: HeWritesALine

#23. "I think Lena quit her job today."

Toxic JobsSource: iAmWillyAmm

#24. Haha.

Toxic JobsSource: Some_guy_named_Lewis

How and why did you quit your last job? What do you do now, and do you like it? Tell us more in the comment section below!
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