20 DIY Projects That Raise The Question "DI WHY?"

Have you ever tried fixing things on your own or making DIY stuff? Did they come out the way they were supposed to? DIY is a kind of art that requires a lot of creativity. However, only creativity is not enough, it also requires people to have a high aesthetic sense. Why? The answer to this question will be shown in the list of 20 DIY projects below. These are the worst DIY fails ever that we have spotted online.
Yes, DIY can help us save a lot of money and it will also help to have the necessary item. However, not all DIY efforts have a happy ending. They, more often than not, end up with nightmares. The r/DiWHY subreddit is a place for those. Its members constantly dedicate their time to sharing DIY projects that went horribly wrong. Those products are so weird that they raise the question, "DI WHY?"
Now, let's scroll down and have fun with the worst DIY fails. If you want more, check out our previous posts here, here and here.

#1. Made a WatermelonBoy and tested it out in public

Source: cedishappy

#2. Home made "Pregnancy Platters" for your baby shower...

Source: tatltael88

#3. Finally found something for this sub. Thanks Idaho!

Source: BlackUpFreddy

#4. Bruh

Source: SHQUAK

#5. When you gotta get somewhere no matter what

Source: rto0057

#6. A hotdog my friend encased in glass roughly 9 years ago

Source: GlassInTheWild

#7. Ummm...

Source: ebing15

#8. It's all fun and games until you drive through a swarm of bees

Source: -FaZe-

#9. What a beautiful bowl

Source: raydioactivity

#10. DIY amber encased nails

DIY ProjectsSource: rinvevo

#11. A woman on my timeline has a "remote stick", because her family loses the TV remote so often

DIY ProjectsSource: Skytrip

#12. Made a bookshelf for my brick collection

DIY ProjectsSource: Nybblet

#13. When you have $$$, but lack land...

DIY ProjectsSource: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#14. The handle for the toilet at this restaurant is a USB cable. You pull out the cable to flush

DIY ProjectsSource: Yellowfury0

#15. When you're so poor that you can't even buy flower pots

DIY ProjectsSource: adireek

#16. I finally got that ceiling fan installed

DIY ProjectsSource: acidmine

#17. I can hear this image

DIY ProjectsSource: dianaateme

#18. Good lord

DIY ProjectsSource: niko13107

#19. Thank you for your service

DIY ProjectsSource: MaxBetanoid

#20. Who comes up with this stuff?

DIY ProjectsSource: enchantedrosemary

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