24 Funny Airport Moments That Will Never Fail To Make Your Day

When it comes to airports, if what first pop into your mind are flight delays, exorbitant prices, and jet lag then too bad for you. Next time you fly, you should try to look around as airports can be more interesting places than you ever think. Besides the sense of new adventure they offer, you can always stumble upon funny airport moments that may get you giggling all day. There are some people who don't simply see airports as where they check in for their flight before take-off time but as their cozy home or a recreational center. You may get shocked or confused because you never expect to see people behaving the way they do. That will never fail to prevent you from getting bored and make your airplane journey more fun.
To show you what we've talked about, we've compiled a list of 24 hilarious airport occurrences that will uplift your spirit. Check them out!

#1. Waiting

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#2. Is there a patrolman watching people make out with a stopwatch?

Source: froncerro

#3. "My friend saw Stephen King at the airport"

Source: bunker_underground

#4. No one should have to wait 458 days for their luggage

Source: Philchil23

#5. Making a fool of yourself for a friend

Source: lykaon78

#6. Sushi-looking baggage

Source: iProcione

#7. Outstanding move

Source: travelmemes

#8. Let's hope this isn't the only pilot flying the plane

Source: CorkyBravo

#9. Don't travel alone

Source: MyNameIsntPatrick

#10. these robots need a shoe-shining more than anyone else.

Source: MrPrestige

#11. When someone takes "sleeping at the airport" to a whole new level

Source: Subtle_brags

#12. This is a woman who has had the airline lose her luggage one too many times

Source: xViZzip

#13. The perk of being slim

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#14. "My friend's daughter just flew by herself for the first time. This was how he greeted her at the airport"

Source: eldy50

#15. “I was in a bathroom stall at the airport when...”

Source: boyofbrass

#16. Another not-so-good boy

Source: Flyron-Fist

#17. This is why you don't fall asleep in an airport

Source: Scooby303

#18. "The dad was walking back and forth while his daughter kept laughing the whole time"

Source: MitchesBeCrazy

#19. Who needs a longer cable?

Source: numberoneus

#20. "They just finished upgrading a terminal at our country's airport, and these are the urinals in the new toilets"

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#21. This guy playing Age of Empires on his knee at the airport

Source: OctopusSenpai

#22. "Seriously, this guy at O'Hare airport this morning is my zero-flips-given hero"

Source: GeorgeDiVenere

#23. "Apparently booked a business trip on a furry flight. I’m the only non-furry"

Source: CleanAxe

#24. Welppp

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