"If Bad Designs Were A Sport, These Designs Would Be Winners," As Proven By 27 Hilarious Pics

Jamian Jolley, a UI designer, once said: "Good design is like a refrigerator. When it works, no one notices. But when it doesn’t, it sure stinks." And this is absolutely true. That's why we have prepared a long list of all the times bad designs stick out like a sore thumb to prove this to those who still doubt it. Let's scroll down to check them out!
From bathroom tile patterns that look like smeared poop to not very kid-appropriate kids' toys, these are real-life examples of how brainless designers can be. Although we frequently overlook their well-executed designs and focus more on their bad ones, the designs listed below are just so bad that it's impossible for us not to poke fun at them. Therefore, spend the next 5 minutes laughing your butts off with these unbelievably bad creations. Enjoy!

#1. These high-end rugs' designs:

Source: 0xford_llama

#2. Of course, 9/11 is the best thing about New York.

Source: Ouvolo

#3. With this you'll penetrate the darkness and thrust the light into people's eyes:

Source: shannonbtweet

#4. The bus stop for rainless and sunless days only:

Source: Reddit

#5. Mother-daughter bonding at its finest:

Source: pochama55

#6. The back side of this donut costume.

Source: miketutaj

#7. "You lost a toothbrush. But you gained a toilet brush."

Source: batataqw89

#8. Great! I can finally watch myself poop in 500 different dimensions:

Source: Reddit

#9. My feet hurt just looking at this:

Source: bobmarno

#10. They are the pattern of the title, not...

Source: edvind

#11. At least you don't have to knock, right?

Source: hi_fbi

#12. Finally, a cause worth contributing towards.

Source: Gummie

#13. These shoes with suction cups on the bottom that pops when you walk on smooth surfaces:

Source: pateOrade

#14. This is not a crime scene, but a hospital hallway.

Source: CptDobey

#15. This monstrosity:

Source: Reddit

#16. At the local gym:

Source: herashoka

#17. Rose uh?

Source: Fauconwill

#18. Whoever designed this hoodie but forgot about the hood:

Source: m_delacour

#19. The implication that this tooth has genitals.

Source: Dylflon

#20. These cozy seats in Belgium:

Source: Reddit

#21. Worst doctor ever.

Source: CosmoInColour

#22. That's one hell of a stick shift.

Source: Reddit

#23. And this too:

Source: imgur

#24. Yeah okay makes sense thank you.

Source: Vexced

#25. Would you like your chips with or without chips?

Source: ZodiacWarrior_

#26. "Got my hand on the latest Spiderman’s web Kleenex."

Source: realgrandpa

#27. Man of steel front:

Source: ComunistCow

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