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Who Is Koda Tiktok? What Is CarTok On Tiktok?

Wondering who is Koda Tiktok? Here we go! TikTok’s “CarTok” community is similar to any other online subculture of enthusiasts and amateurs. The platform hosts a plethora of specialty groups, one of which is devoted to people talking about their cars—both their current and ideal rides. In essence, it’s not dissimilar to a TikTok group devoted to cookery or Marvel movies.

And, of course, there will be conflict, as there always is in any public online group. If you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. Who Is Koda Tiktok?

What Is CarTok On Tiktok
Source: Tiktok

For example, Koda, better known as @mav.z33 on TikTok, is an influential figure in the CarTok community. They have a sizable fan base and a lot of likes on their videos, but they’ve been under fire this week for some offensive remarks. But what exactly did Koda post to TikTok? What has transpired thus far and why some are taking steps to “cancel Koda” is outlined here.

Koda’s TikTok Activities Explained

Who Is Koda Tiktok
Koda is well-known as a CarTok influencer. The account has grown from its initial base of over 10,000 followers to 303,000 likes because of its focus on automobiles. Although they once held a relatively low profile in Cartok society, they have recently drawn criticism for remarks they made against another member of Cartok society.

According to Know Your Meme, Koda made fun of another automobile influencer who suffers from scoliosis.

Reportedly, Koda and another automotive influencer named Mace got into a DM dispute about their divergent views on wrapping cars in pink, which was uploaded to TikTok by @officially wide but has since been deleted. According to Mace, Koda made a slurring comment about Sky, her boyfriend, adding, “I’d say the same about your little [lover]…. he’s worked so hard to heal himself, but nothin’ can fix his [r-word] aback.”

Many people were offended Koda’s reply and came to Sky’s defense after being insulted. There are reports that Koda started using homophobic and misogynistic language in response to criticism. Koda has since locked their TikTok and erased much of the original footage after the initial drama. Since the news leaked, supposedly, even their follower count has plummeted. However, users have started a new hashtag about the controversy, showing that the reaction is still growing.

#2. What Is CarTok On Tiktok?

Who Is Koda Tiktok
CarTok is using a new hashtag to get rid of Koda. The hashtag #CancelKoda has been widely shared on CarTok and the CarTok community at large. The goal of many utilizing it is to convey that bullying someone because of their appearance or health is unacceptable. Many people, both inside and outside of the CarTok community, have used the hashtag.

Mace has even been following developments in the matter, urging supporters to keep up the push to cancel Koda in light of their words. She’s also urged others to make their displeasure with Koda known on TikTok rather than confronting him in person.

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