7 Actors Directly Carrying On Their Parent’s Career That You May Fail To Notice

It’s not strange to see children following in their parent's footsteps. This is more interesting in celebs’ families as two generations may have a chance to work with the same producer, or the children could feature their parents in movies from time to time. For many stars, this may become the starting point of their acting career, which makes their family proud of them.

Have a look at the actors below who carry on the legacy of their renowned parents. Let’s see if you could realize the difference when they replace their parents in some of your favorite movies!

#1 Dwayne Johnson Played His Dad, Rocky Johnson, In An Episode Of "That '70s Show"

“You know. I’ve got a son. And one day, he’s gonna become the most electrifying man in sports Entertainment.” - Dwayne Johnson as Rocky Johnson on That '70s Show

Actors Carrying On Their Parent’s Career the rock parents, rocky johnson that 70s showSource: Wikimedia Commons / Fox

Rocky Johnson is best known as the first Black Georgia Heavyweight Champion and the first Black champion in the history of the WWF (now the WWE). He retired from wrestling in 1991 and trained his son, Dwayne Johnson. 

Dwayne Johnson became famous after his performance in The Rock, and he is now one of the highest-paid movie stars. However, little did you know that his first acting job is to feature his legendary father in a Season 1 episode of That '70s Show called "That Wrestling Show".

#2 Christopher Wallace Jr. Played The Young Version Of His Late Father In The Biopic 'Notorious'

“I was at an age where I was interested in understanding who he was, so it was my opening into really learning more and doing my own research and asking questions.” Christopher Wallace Jr.

the rock parents, rocky johnson that 70s showSource: Bad Boy / Fox Searchlight Pictures

The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, or simply Biggie, was murdered in a drive when his son, Christopher Wallace Jr., was only 5 months old. This news is poignant as many consider the rapper one of the best MCs who ever lived.

In 2008, a biographical drama about him was made, and Christopher Wallace Jr. portrayed his young father in the movie. The experience gave Wallace. Jr. a chance to get an insight into his father’s life as well as the rap world. The young actor then adopted the nicknames Lil Biggie Smalls and Lil Biggie and created techno remixes of Biggie’s classics.

#3 Zoe Perry Played Sheldon's Mom In "Young Sheldon" After Her Mother, Laurie Metcalf, Played The Same Role On "The Big Bang Theory"

“We have lots of similarities when it comes to our voices and mannerisms, and I’m lucky that I have that at my disposal - not only for this part, but in general.” Zoe Perry

Actors Carrying On Their Parent’s Career, the rock parents, rocky johnson that 70s showSource: CBS / CBS

Zoe Perry often spent time on the set of ABC’s Roseanne when she was a child as her mother, Laurie Metcalf worked there as Jackie Harris. Perry started her acting career with the younger version of her mother’s character for a flashback sequence in the series. She also played Mary Cooper in the prequel series Young Sheldon, a role first established by Metcalf in The Big Bang Theory. Though Perry was familiar with the producer and had a familial connection, she still underwent the usual audition process before taking the role.

#4 Lon Chaney Jr. Became A Star Of Monster Movies After The Passing Of His Iconic Dad, Who Revolutionized The Art Form

“All the best of the monsters played for sympathy. That goes for my father, Karloff, myself, and all the others.” Lon Chaney Jr.

Do you know about Lon Chaney Jr, who appeared in many horror films such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Mummy? In fact, the actor’s real name is Creighton Tull Chaney, and his stage name is named after his father, Lon Chaney. 

the rock parents, rocky johnson that 70s showSource: Universal Pictures / Universal Pictures

Some consider Lon Chaney the first method actor in history. His ability to endure horrible pain to feature grotesque and deformed characters is well-known. You could understand this by watching his incredible transformation into the monsters in the silent classics, including The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera.

#5 Brian Henson Officially Took The Reins Of The Muppets After His Dad's Passing

“I always very much enjoyed arts and it was so central in my family, my mother was also an art teacher, as well as founding the Henson Company with my dad, there was a lot of art going on in our household.” Brian Henson

The Americans and many people around the world couldn’t forget Jim Henson with his iconic Muppet characters used on Sesame StreetThe Muppet Show, and Fraggle Rock. He founded the Jim Henson Company and directed many films, including The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. When he unexpectedly passed at 53 in 1990, the company was in the middle of a planned merger with The Walt Disney Company.

Actors Carrying On Their Parent’s CareerSource: Alan Light/Flickr / AMC Plus Supernatural

Henson’s third child, Brian Henson, and his siblings took over his late father’s company. Brian had been exposed to puppets since he was a child, and he carried on his father’s passion for this kind of art. In January 1991, he became president and chief executive officer of the Henson Company at the age of 27. He gained significant achievements as a director with Melissa McCarthy-led comedy The Happytime Murders and puppets operation for the 2021 Disney+ special Muppets Haunted Mansion.

#6 Melissa Rivers Played Her Mother, Joan Rivers, In The David O. Russell Film 'Joy'

“I wanted to make sure it looked right. I wanted to make sure that it was respectful. And honestly, once the wig was on, I stopped looking in a mirror. It was too bizarre.” Melissa Rivers

Actors Carrying On Their Parent’s CareerSource: FX / 20th Century Fox

Joan Rivers is best known for her exceptional sense of humor. She worked in the clubs of Greenwich Village alongside George Carlin and Richard Pryor before appearing regularly on The Tonight Show in the 1960s. She tried to create products for the QVC shopping channel in the early 1990s and became a top seller in the network.

In the biopic “Joy”, which is about self-made millionaire Joy Mangano, the producer hoped Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, could play the comedian in several QVC sequences of the film. When Melissa took the role, her mother was suffering from a throat procedure and passed 6 months later.

#7 Mario Van Peebles Directed And Starred As His Legendary Father In The Biopic, 'Baadasssss!'

“I came to understand him differently as a man, you know, walking in those shoes.” Mario Van Peebles

Have you watched the film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song of Melvin Van Peebles? The talented filmmaker used to fail at finding a studio to finance his project, so he decided to fund it by himself. He worked as a screenwriter, co-producer, composer, editor, and director, and even performed in the film. Van Peebles then is considered the pioneer in the blaxploitation genre.

Actors Carrying On Their Parent’s CareerSource: Cinemation Industries / Sony Pictures Classics

In 2003, his son, Mario Van Peebles, followed in his footstep and produced Baadasssss!, a biopic about the efforts made to create Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. In the movie, Mario played the role of his own father.

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