30 Wildest Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Revealed By Former Reality And Game Show Contestants

Game shows and reality shows provide their audiences with Entertainment and excitement. Since they are fast-paced and sometimes even thrilling, viewers won't stop watching or binging these shows while chilling and having snacks in their living rooms. But what we see on TV has been cut and edited a hundred and thousand times. Every TV show has behind-the-scenes secrets that are much more surprising beyond our imagination.

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Still, in the end, what they had sewn up, the stitching's frayed. The truth is spoken by former contestants who witnessed the process of making these shows from head to toe. From The Bachelor and MasterChef to good old Fear Factor, Survivor Alone, from 90 Day Fiancé to Big Brother, American Idol, and X-Factor, even the most famous and loved game shows have got secrets to hide.
We have collected stories from previous game show contestants who revealed secrets behind the scenes. Check them out to see what your favorite shows hide from you!

#1. The value of your property increases, so your taxes go up

Source: HomoMeansNevada

#2. Talk about a letdown.

Source: udingleberry

#3. Such an eye-opener!

Source: I-[poop]-You-Not

#4. Huh?

Source: Varity_Splegde

#5. Who would have thunk it

Source: PlaceboRoshambo

#6. None of the cast of Jersey Shore was even from Jersey.

Source: Runeon12

#7. Nope.

Source: youdaftget

#8. A good one

Source: anon

#9. Nailed it

Source: silence1545

#10. Level of shadiness I expect from a show like this

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: nardhipples

#11. Kardashian culture

Source: simpledave

#12. Dodged a bullet there

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: scoreoneforme

#13. Wow... Should've asked for 10-15%.

Source: curry_in_my_beard

#14. That's pretty wholesome

Source: anon

#15. Heavily fabricated

Source: Cigarettiquette

#16. It's good to know that not all reality shows are scripted

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: BuxtonB

#17. This one has a pretty good ending!

Source: jhuskindle

#18. Believe it or not?

Source: friggidydamn

#19. In cooking shows

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: zqmbgn

#20. So dumb.


#21. Chip Coffey

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: anon

#22. Anything for ratings.

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: hairheads3

#23. If everything had remained unknown

Source: Sallymoustacheride

#24. Cheaper and less frustrating to just pay for the three days at Disneyland!

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: anon

#25. Am I dumb for not understanding why people would do that?

Source: flouncindouchenozzle

#26. Hahaha!

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: Rhinosaur24

#27. Five hours of standing in line with Roadshow fans who all brought their coolest stuff.

Source: Xerodo

#28. Oh yeah.

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: pungen

#29. And catering everywhere of course so he doesn't have to eat a snake.

Behind-The-Scenes SecretsSource: mharray

#30. Not an easy one

Source: disfordog

You might have known some of these previously. We would like to hear if these secret stories make you love or hate tv shows more. Sound off in the comment zone below and don't forget to hit the like-share button!
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