14 Greatest Cinematic Female Villain Impostors Who Scare You Out At The Finale

Female villains have been ruling the big screen and turning many retro, slasher, and indie horror darlings into iconic cinema classics for recent decades. These antagonist characters are so well-written, developed, and brought to the big screen that audiences can't stop oohing and ahhing. Since female protagonists are becoming more popular and favored, Hollywood producers don't hesitate to enrich the opposite characters' materials. They have created a colossal domain for female villains, from sly, wicked to cruel, powerful roles.
In this post, we would love to talk about a branch of female demonic roles in films and Movies. These women are mere impostors that appear innocent and good at first, but they will reveal their true colors at the peaks of the shows. They are the kind of predators that distract their prey and catch them while off-guard. Hence, they become one of the most effective ways to deliver delicious plot twists.
We have compiled a list of wolves in sheep's clothing who have ramped on the big screen in movie history. Perhaps you may get some cool ideas from them for your Halloween costume!
(Warning: The character info below might spoil the movie, please consider it before reading!)

#1. Alma Coin, 'The Hunger Games' Series

Source: Lionsgate

She is the hidden but true main antagonist of Mockingjay.  Although initially appearing to fully support the rebellion and demonstrating considerable leadership abilities, she was willing to sacrifice almost anything or anyone to achieve her goals.

#2. Miranda Tate, 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Source: Warner Bros.

She, as an executive on the board of Wayne Enterprises, is the final antagonist of The Dark Knight Trilogy. She manipulated Bruce Wayne and his allies while masquerading as a wealthy businesswoman and philanthropist.

#3. Emily Nelson, 'A Simple Favor'

Source: Lionsgate

Emily is extremely intelligent and effortlessly charming, projecting the image of a confident, successful career woman with a happy family. Beneath the façade, however, she is manipulative and calculating, a pathological liar, con artist, and thief who uses and destroys people, even her own family members, for her own amusement and profit. 

#4. Elsa Schneider, 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'

Source: Lucasfilms

Elsa was a very conflicted woman. She claimed that she didn't believe in the swastika and indeed was saddened at the destruction of knowledge. She was capable of qualities like sympathy, sorrow, and compassion, but ultimately her lust for the material gain of the Grail corrupted her.

#5. Evelyn Deavor, 'Incredibles 2'

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

She is the main antagonist in the 1987 live-action horror film Fatal Attraction. She was a beautiful magazine editor having an affair with a married man. Then, she slowly revealed her real self.

#6. Alex Forrest, 'Fatal Attraction'

Source: Jaffe/Lansing Productions

Evelyn appears to be loyal, kind-hearted, caring, and eager to help others. It would later turn out to be all a fabric of her true nature: a vengeful, cunning, hateful, bitter, mean-spirited, cold-hearted, and ruthless person.

#7. Rose Armitage, 'Get Out'

Source: Universal Pictures

Rose Armitage is Get Out's the most disturbing character who turns from being a loving and caring girlfriend into a remorseless psychopath. 

#8. Lily, 'V/H/S'

Source: Magnet Releasing

Appearing to be an introverted, shy girl, Lily has proven to possess superhuman strength, able of killing people with no effort. She is also able to transform into a batlike creature with several stages.

#9. Esther, 'Orphan'

Source: Warner Bros.

She is a seemingly charming and innocent child with plenty of dark secrets. The movie follows a young couple who decide to adopt a child after the death of their unborn baby.

#10. Amy Dunne, 'Gone Girl'

Source: 20th Century Fox

It is discovered that Amy may not be the innocent victim that she is believed to be. After realizing that she is being cheated on, she puts her grand scheme into motion.

#11. Annie Wilkes, 'Misery'

Source: Columbia Pictures

Annie is the scariest female movie villain and was absolutely horrifying even before she'd ever killed anyone. She's a former nurse, but soon starts to show her more brutal side and turns exceedingly violent.

#12. Asami Yamazaki, 'Audition'

Source: Basara Pictures

She is portrayed as a deeply disturbed woman who sadistically tortures and murders men who she feels have betrayed or abandoned her. However, no one could see her true color from the start as she was sweet and cute on the outside.

#13. Mrs. Voorhees - Friday the 13th

Source: Paramount Pictures

Mrs. Voorhees is one of the most well-known serial killer moms of all time. She's easily one of the most frightening female slasher movie villains of the twentieth century and killed her victims in creative and surprising ways.

#14. Young-Sook, 'The Call'

Source: Netflix

She had a tragic childhood. As she grew up to be a beautiful, healthy young lady, her mentality was fractured completely. Hiding beneath a bright smile was total darkness.
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