15 Times People Who Dressed Up For Halloween Only To Realize That No One Else Did

Ah, yes, it is finally Halloween time! For now, you may be planning to dress up in your spookiest costume and head to the office, hoping to impress your colleagues with your creativity. But there's a little problem: what if you are the only one that showed up in a costume and now have to spend the whole day dressed up as a vampire? Well, unfortunate things like this happen now and then, so cheer up because you aren't the only one to find yourself in a situation like this.
These excited people below put so much effort into their makeup, from an entire body banana body suit to the evil queen in Snow White, only to realize that they are the only ones around wearing a costume. And for the next 8-hour shift, they will be the focal point of attention. Well, the awkward moment lasted longer than expected. But, on the bright side, they made an effort, and everyone appreciated it. So for now, let's scroll down and get ready to laugh at times people dressed up for Halloween only to realize that no one else did in the list below. Enjoy!

#1. "My buddy was told he could wear a costume."

Source: _L3g10n_

#2. "My VP of Purchasing sitting in a meeting right now listening intently to our president."

Source: Z06Boricua

#3. "I won my office costume party. I was the only participant and the judge, but I'm still proud."

Source: Reddit

#4. None of his colleagues dressed up for Halloween.

Source: TravisMcEwanCBC

#5. Being the only one in Congress to wear a costume for Halloween:

Source: Cardboard-Box-Man

#6. "No one else dressed up for Halloween. Filthy traitors"

Source: IKnowForAFactThatYouDontParty

#7. "I'm the only person in my entire office of 30 people who dressed up today and I'm in a full-body banana suit."

Dressed Up For HalloweenSource: Srob87

#8. "I too was the only one dressed up at my office today. Shaved my head for it and everything."

Source: reynardjon15

#9. Spiderman is packing:

Source: jonathanlecoy

#10. "For the second year in a row, despite many people agreeing, I have been the only one at work to dress up for Halloween"

Dressed Up For HalloweenSource: meladoodle

#11. "The owner of the apartment told us it will be a green/blue party. This guy thought we make a costume party."

Dressed Up For HalloweenSource: fritzf

#12. "TBT to Halloween when I dressed as the Babadook but my friend's house had more of  grown-ups drinking wine vibe"

Dressed Up For HalloweenSource: katiedippold

#13. Aww.

Source: chzbgr

#14. "Btch told me it was a costume party"

Dressed Up For HalloweenSource: Imgur

#15. When you are the only one to take Halloween seriously:

Dressed Up For HalloweenSource: _-venom-_

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