Discover How Modern Male Beauty Standards Look Around The World

When we talk about beauty standards, we often talk about women - weight, facial features, fashion style, and makeup. However, beauty standards apply to men too. Moreover, in each country, they are completely different. Since male models and actors have expanded their influence in the Entertainment industry, people pay more attention to how men's beauty standards look. Besides, social media platforms, such as Instagram and Tiktok, reinforce the standard of beauty for men.
Nowadays, not only do the outside looks affect ladies' attraction and opportunity for career, love, and so on, but they also do to men. Of course, everybody is unique and beautiful, but the crowds have several appearance standards for male celebrities. They vary among countries because there are many races of human beings having different cultures, histories, and biological outside look characteristics.
Today we will tell you how the US, British, Australians, Koreans, and several countries perceive male beauty. It's going to be surprising and exciting, especially for those interested in men's beauty.

#1. United Kingdom

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In the UK, male celebs well-known for their beauty are numerous. We round some superstars such as Robert Pattinson and James Dornan. Short blonde hair is favored there. New beauty trends for UK men are well-groomed facial hair (neatly-shaved beard), tattoo, and tanning.

#2. France

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Frenches have various beauty standards for men. Young ones prefer men with hipster haircuts to highlight thick curls, well-groomed beards, thin yet athletic bodies, and impeccable outfits. Gilles Marini, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, and Lucas Bravo are among the top handsome French actors lately.

#3. South Korea

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Korean societies promote a softer type of masculine beauty - clear skin, enlarged eyes, and androgynous figures have risen to great popularity. Boy band BTS is rocking South Korea with their youth and beauty.

#4. The US and Canada

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In Western societies like The US and Canada, the male beauty standard is focused on hyper-masculinity - golden skin, ruggedness, and a muscular physique are considered more desirable. John Legend, Michael B. Jordan, and many male celebs have been charming.

#5. India

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Indian beauty standards for men are thick dark hair with gel to form cool styles, a lighter skin tone, and muscular clean-shaved. Bollywood male stars considered attractive are Sidharth Malhotra, Ranbir Kapoor, and Varun Dhawan.

#6. Australia

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In a country with lots of beaches for sports like Australia, an attractive man usually has an athletic body. Surprisingly, people aren't against plastic surgery there even if for men. The Hemsworth brothers are dream men not only for Australians but also for many fans around the world.

#7. Republic of the Congo

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The Republic of the Congo is an amazing country where men with colorful cloth and sparkling pieces of jewelry are attractive. People love flashy, glowing things because they think brightly colored outfits are the best decoration for life.

#8. China

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White skin, a high bridged nose, big eyes, and good height are the most desirable traits in Chinese men. Good skin is also considered incredibly important for men. Yang Yang and Wang Yibo are considered the most handsome celebs in China.

#9. Turkey

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In Turkey, young people desire sophisticated men who take good care of their looks, such as shaving beards, removing chest hair, styling hair, and wearing tidy shirts.

#10. Sweden

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We always thought that Scandinavian men were expected to be strong, muscular, warlike, and hairy. However, modern Swedish lady-killers are tall, with pale skin, blue eyes, and gentle masculinity. Alexander SkarsgÄrd, Filip Lamprecht, and Joel Kinnaman are names glorified by their beauty.
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