Ridiculous Knock-Off Brands That Are Barely Even Hiding Their Logo Thefts

Just travel to any major city in the world and you may come across some knock-off brands. You know, the kinds of items with names like Aids, UGH, and The Huge Mountain that are placed and sold on the pavements of every street. While the fakes are unappreciated by most customers, they are unlikely to harm the companies from which they "borrowed" ideas. In addition, the fakes are creating a lot more chuckles than any legit product out there. So, even though you may not plan to spend a dime on those fakes, you can still have fun by poke fun at them.
From stealing another company's product logo entirely or giving the barest minimum effort by hybridizing between brands' names and calling it a day, the products we compiled below are truly the definition of the saying "fake it til you make it." Continue reading to laugh at the absurd and hilarious knock-off brands. Trust us when we say, the more you read, the more hilarious it becomes. Without further ado, get ready to have some big chuckles by checking them out! Enjoy!

#1. Had to do a double-take.

Knock-Off BrandsSource: insoh2

#2. They're crappy but flattering.

Knock-Off BrandsSource: scorchednickel

#3. PikaDo'h!

Knock-Off BrandsSource: yoshiz56

#4. These knockoff Jordans gave Michael a great ass:

Knock-Off BrandsSource: gangbangkang

#5. Finally, a brand that totally represents my view toward life:

Knock-Off BrandsSource: BelvoxYBN

#6. I think I’ll stick to Nutella.

Source: bryan6969

#7. Found in Costa Rica:

Source: beautifulspork

#8. Buhahahah... oh no

Source: Subterfug3

#9. Now everyone will want one

Source: antikythera3301

#10. Sounds like the name of a porno.

Source: bdv1234

#11. I saw this movie once.

Source: Reddit

#12. Very tasty when you dip it in malk first.

Source: Reddit

#13. I choose you, Chikapu!

Source: Sunflake685

#14. Can’t decide where to buy from

Knock-Off BrandsSource: Crypticise

#15. Sorry, but That is not It.

Source: DrRowdybush

#16. Why get the north face when you can get the huge mountain:

Knock-Off BrandsSource: guricosan

#17. The name says it all:

Source: arusub15cfop

#18. When Hollywood steals your idea:

Knock-Off BrandsSource: Slavorum-official

#19. Very honest...

Knock-Off BrandsSource: Knotimpressed

#20. For those with too much hope.

Knock-Off BrandsSource: kamehamehaa

#21. My little terrified pony.

Knock-Off BrandsSource: ClarityByHilarity

#22. My favorite crossover movie:

Knock-Off BrandsSource: Dave_the_timekeeper

#23. Is that a bar where everyone is turned on?

Knock-Off BrandsSource: Schlurpeeee

#24. Yea. It's Garfield.

Knock-Off BrandsSource: NickReadr

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