9 Horror Movies That Will Terrify The Living Sh*t Out Of You

There are good horror movies, and then there are horror Movies that will terrify viewers for days. These are the bizarre movies that scare even the toughest fans of the horror genre. There is just something deeply unnerving and sinister about them. It can be disgusting things like gruesome violence, disturbing storylines, or anxiety-inducing tension that will make you have nightmares for days.
So in the spirit of Halloween, let’s check these traumatizing movies out. For all the thrill-seekers and hardcore horror movie fans out there, think you have the guts to watch these movies till the end?

1. Hereditary

horror movies that will terrifySource: A24 / Courtesy of Everett Collection

There is no doubt that Hereditary is a great horror movie, but it’s also very hard to watch with all the disturbing imagery and high-strung atmosphere. Hereditary doesn’t rely heavily on jumpscares or gore to be scary. In fact, the movie only uses gore and jumpscares when it’s necessary, which helps to improve the story. The combination of the dark and twisted storyline, along with the gut-punching emotional scenes, is what turns Hereditary into a downright demonic experience.

2. Smile

horror movies that will terrifySource: Paramount Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

We think about joy and happiness once we heard the word “smile.” Well, not in this movie. The 2022 film Smile shows us how scary and unnerving this simple act can be. It falls right into the uncanny valley. The music, setting, and cinematography make us feel suspicious and uncertain. We feel like there is something really evil and creepy going on behind these smiles just by looking at them. Instead of feeling happy, these smiles just feel wrong. Some people can’t even stand to finish the trailer!

3. Midsommar

horror movies that will terrifySource: A24 / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Midsommar is not for the faint-hearted. Despite the colorful scenery and most of the movie taking place in the daylight, Midsommar is a movie about traumas mixed with creepy cults and murders. Florence Pugh did an amazing job portraying Deni. Her performance has the viewers in a chokehold the entire time, making us beg for the slightest amount of relief from the heavy depression that the character is going through.

4. Saw III

horror movies that will terrifySource: Lionsgate / Courtesy of Everett Collection

While other movies in the franchise are pretty gory, Saw III just takes it to the next level. Even the toughest horror fans found this movie nauseous. Some have to take a break between all the gory scenes, some can’t even finish the movie. Saw III makes a lot of viewers want to It’s safe to say that Saw III is not for people who don’t like blood and gruesome violence.

5. The Fourth Kind

horror movies that will terrifySource: Universal Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

This movie has traumatized countless people since its release. A lot of us were convinced the story in the movie was real, and the found footage scenes in the movie didn’t help. in fact, they only made the fear worse as they were so genuine and realistic. It’s a movie that will give you nightmares for days. You will never look at an owl the same way again after watching this movie.

6. Mother!

Source: Paramount Pictures / Courtesy of Everett Collection

At the surface level, Mother! can be really messy and meaningless. But once you understand it, you will find Mother! quite terrifying. It told the story of a couple living together in a country home that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Things started out quite normal, but everything quickly escalated to chaos. The biblical allusions combined with acts of cannibalism, infanticide, and gruesome violence made this movie really hard to watch for many people.

7. Martyrs

Source: Wild Bunch / Courtesy of Everett Collection

If the gore in Saw III makes people nauseous, then Martyrs will make you wanna puke. The original French version features child abuse and extremely graphic and violent deaths. It was just so terrifying that the people at the Cannes Film Festival had to leave in the middle of the movie. Even producer Bob Weinstein couldn’t finish watching it, despite his company buying the movie rights.

8. Terrifier

Source: Dread Central Presents / Courtesy of Everett Collection

Even if you don’t fear clowns, you will be terrified of them after you finish this movie. The actor who played the clown did a good job, so good that his character felt extremely real and alive. Many viewers felt like they were being watched through the film like they were about to become his next victims.

9. The Human Centipede II

Source: Bounty Films / Courtesy of Everett Collection

The Human Centipede was banned when it was first released, and the sequel was worse. It’s full of disturbing imagery and gory scenes that can make you sick. Very few people have seen the movie, and even fewer have the guts to sit through the entire thing.
Okay, so that are some really effed-up horror movies that will terrify even the bravest horror fans. Congratulation on making it to the end of our list. If you’re sick of horror flicks, then check out these awesome movies that aren’t scary but still fun as hell to watch on Halloween. Check them out!
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