9 Craziest Times Actors Nearly Encounter With Death

A lousy mugshot or a leaked prom photo may seem insignificant compared to a celebrity's near-death experience. These celebrities have been through it all, from shattered backs to horrifying shark encounters.
The work they do is often affected by the injuries and near-fatalities they suffer. Example: when Kanye West was younger, he wrote a song about getting seriously harmed in a car accident. It was a factor in making him famous. In addition, a handful of actors and actresses have been gravely hurt while doing their craft. Though they all seemed to recover from their ordeals, a handful of them continued to feel the repercussions of their close calls to death.

1. Ellie Goulding

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As her car crashed through the ice of a frozen lake, Ellie Goulding managed to get out. We're lucky she found a way up through the roof. Goulding and photographer Conor McDonnell were driving across Norway in a belt wagon, a vehicle designed for tough terrain. A frozen lake, however, cracked as Goulding and McDonnell drove across it, resulting in their deaths.
There was hardly enough room for them to get through the belt wagon's open roof. Moreover, McDonnell took a picture of the whole thing and posted it to Instagram so that everyone could see what had happened. As far as we can tell, they were facing temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

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In a terrifying encounter with a great white shark, Leonardo DiCaprio came dangerously close to death. Typical scuba divers had never seen anything like it. To hear DiCaprio tell it, he's had more than his share of close calls with death. The "shark encounter," though, is the one that has stuck out most in his mind. An unexpected wave swept chum into the actor's cage while he was cage diving in South Africa. Only a metal cage separated him and a group of sharks.
A great white shark leaped into the tank and crashed down on its head. The shark made repeated vicious attempts at DiCaprio's face. Thankfully, he managed to press his body against the floor of the cage. He did this just in time to avoid being attacked by the monster. The boat owners claimed they had never witnessed such a phenomenon in all of their thirty years of diving.

3. Isla Fisher

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On the set of Now You See Me, Isla Fisher nearly drowned. Everyone assumed she was merely acting. Fisher attempted a water tank stunt for Now You See Me, but the scene went bad when her release chain became caught in her costume.
However, Fisher's character is portrayed in the film as having difficulties. The other performers in the play, therefore, were unaware of the potential threat. Even after using a quick-release mechanism to get out of there, Fischer was submerged for a whole three minutes.

4. Emilia Clarke

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An aneurysm formed in Emilia Clarke's brain, necessitating multiple operations. Patients with Clarke's disease have a high risk of dying quickly. During her workout, Clarke had excruciating pain in her head. After she began throwing up, paramedics rushed her to the emergency room. It was there when the subarachnoid hemorrhage was diagnosed in the Game of Thrones star. She was forewarned by the doctors that they would have to stop the bleeding to save her life.
Then, doctors saw another tumor developing on Clarke's brain. After several more years, the enormous expansion had more than doubled in size. And Clarke needed yet another operation. Nonetheless, she experienced a significant bleed as a result of complications. As a result, she required more surgical intervention. According to Clarke, the healing process was excruciating and left her feeling "like a shell of [her]self."

5. Anne Hathaway

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When Anne Hathaway Got Caught In A Stream, Thankfully, a local surfer overheard Hathaway's cries for help and came to her aid. Hathaway was swimming off the shore of Oahu when she and her husband, Adam Shulman, became caught in a riptide.
The good news is that a surfer came along and helped her out of the sea. Images of Shulman helping to bandage Hathaway's damaged foot from the fiasco are widely available. As a caring physician, he attended to her wound and bandaged it.

6. George Clooney

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The Spine Injury Sustained by George Clooney Was Extremely Serious. Due to the injuries, he is still experiencing headaches. George Clooney severely injured his spine while filming Syriana. While he was hospitalized, he was bedridden and suffering from excruciating headaches. Clooney even pretended at one point that he could expel spinal fluid through his nose. An actor's agony became so unbearable that he considered taking his own life.
He remarked, "You begin to consider that you don't want to leave a mess, so you enter the garage, enter the vehicle, and start the engine. It's the most considerate option, but I never expected to reach that point. Now, you have to understand that I was in a place where I had to figure out how to survive. Clooney still suffers from migraines related to the injury but much less severe ones.

7. Johnny Depp

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A Plane Crash Almost Cost Johnny Depp His Life. After a short period of time, the plane started functioning normally again. Johnnie Depp and Hunter S. Thompson were in Puerto Rico to shoot The Rum Diary. Every day, the cast and crew had to fly to the set. At one point during their journey, Depp and the film's director, Brett Robinson, experienced engine failure. The actor remembers there was a brief pause before he felt the plane plunge.
But Thompson and Depp managed to see the funny side of things. As Depp himself admitted, "We burst into hysterical laughter at the idea that this was how we were going to die." The plane's engines were shut down, but they were quickly restarted, and the crew was allowed to continue their journey.

8. Kanye West

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In 2002, Kanye West was involved in a car accident that altered his view of his own success. He used footage from his operation in the music video for "Through the Wire."
The narrative of how West's jaw was broken in a vehicle accident that almost killed him was told in his first widely successful track.
His jaw was wired shut so it could heal properly. Two weeks later, despite the discomfort, he recorded "Through the Wire." The film included clips of the surgeons cutting the cables. And in his mixtape, Get Well Soon, West even shared a photo of his wounds.
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