7 Strangely Feasible Tricks Celebrities Have To Fall Asleep

Even though we need sleep to function properly, getting a decent night's sleep can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge. The pressures of fame, continual travel, and late-night parties, sometimes a part of the job, can make it difficult for celebrities to wind down at the end of the day and recharge their batteries.
While famous people often enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle and access amenities that the rest of us can only dream of, we all struggle to get a good night's rest from time to time. Even the most seemingly perfect people who have trouble sleeping should come as consolation. These star-recommended sleep aids cover the full spectrum, from "clean sleeping" to calming meditation music.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

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"Clean sleeping" is something the Goop founder can't say enough about. When creating original ideas, Gwyneth Paltrow is always a safe bet. Most of us are familiar with the concept of "clean eating" and may even subscribe to it, but the Oscar winner would like everyone to adopt the practice of "clean sleeping."
She explains the lifestyle strategy in Daily Mail as "at least seven or eight hours of good, quality sleep—and ideally even 10." Because of how much it affects your hunger and energy levels while you sleep, I think you must give it a top priority before even considering changing your food.

2. Jennifer Lopez

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Lopez, like Paltrow, is an avid supporter of getting enough shut-eye. If you ask Jennifer Lopez, fifty is the new twenty. The star has reached the landmark age and is challenging conventional wisdom about growing older.
What is her number one suggestion for looking beautiful? SLEEP. Getting enough sleep is the most important thing you can do," she advised readers of InStyle. I really can't emphasize this enough. While nine or ten hours of sleep would be ideal, I make it a point to obtain at least eight every night. If nine hours can make us appear as wonderful as the Billboard Icon Award winner, then we're in!

3. Bill Gates

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The tech whiz kid goes to sleep easier after reading before night. Even in the calm and pleasant minutes before night, Bill Gates' mind is still focused on invention and learning. His secret to a good night's sleep? "I read an hour practically every night," he told the Seattle Times. "It's a normal component of the sleep process."
Gates claims he needs no less than seven hours of sleep every night to function creatively the following day. "That's okay for some tasks, but I'm not very creative without seven hours of sleep."

4. Bella Hadid

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The supermodel falls asleep to the sound of music. When it comes to appearance, there are few things more vital than a good night's sleep, which is why the term "beauty sleep" has become popular in recent years. Being one of the top models in the world right now gives Bella Hadid some insight into this topic.
Her advice for sleeping soundly across multiple time zones? A calming soundtrack. "I adore listening to meditation music before night," she told Harper's Bazaar. A good night's sleep is much easier to come by. I promise you; you'll thank Bella for turning on this "Meditation Music Zone" playlist.

5. Jennifer Aniston

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The Academy Award victor must take a comprehensive approach. Jennifer Aniston takes several steps to guarantee a night of pleasant sleep. The Friends star told Huffington Post, "My one crucial recommendation is to sleep with my phone at least 5 feet away from me." Even if it's only five minutes, I meditate every night before I sleep. Even the most basic yoga poses, like the downward dog and a little stretching, have helped me tremendously in de-stressing my thoughts.
The most important thing is to turn off all electronics for at least an hour before I go to bed. It's a huge deal, man. Never before have we seen a triumvirate so formidable.

6. Oprah

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The legendary talk show host and media mogul has pinpointed her ideal amount of sleep. We knew Oprah was living the dream, but her Instagram posts prove that her days are truly extraordinary. Though she has access to every luxury imaginable, OWN Network founder Oprah Winfrey is still picky about her favorite things—including her sleep.
It's not unusual for her to get by on only five and a half hours of sleep per night, as she told Fast Company. Without that amount of sleep, "I sense a loss of attention, a listlessness, a diminishing vitality, and not-as-sharp thinking." A little less than the optimum of seven to eight hours, but Oprah certainly knows her worth.

7. Tom Brady

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The quarterback who has won six Super Bowls believes sleep is the best way to rejuvenate. One of the most significant ways the body repairs and rejuvenates itself is during sleep. A professional athlete has the greatest need for a complete revitalization of body and mind. Because of his rigorous schedule of practices and games, Tom Brady aims to obtain an average of nine hours of sleep per night.
ABC News quoted him as saying, "I think sleep is really vital because I beat my body down with my sport." That's the only location I can go to obtain the rest I require. Well, great to make us rethink all those all-nighters in college, Mr. Brady; there are so many people studying sleep now who recognize that this is vital; it's not something you can miss for years and years and years and thinks you can get away with.
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