If You Give A F**k About Our Planet, These Unnecessary Packaging Fails Will Make You Rage

"Waste, waste, and more waste." That's practically all you hear people talking about on the news, in the streets, or everywhere. Food packaging accounts for almost one-third of all waste and costs the government billions of dollars. Therefore, the need for biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging is growing. However, companies seem slow to make changes. It's mind-boggling how much plastic packaging they use for their products, even the smallest ones. Plus, they add all the extra packaging to make them appear appealing and encourage us to buy them. Every time, we ended up with so much unnecessary packaging that we could nearly build a fort out of it!
Here are some samples of the most pointless packaging we could find online to demonstrate what we mean. So, scroll down to discover all the unnecessary packaging fails that will have you scared for the planet's future. Also, send this post to your friends so that they are aware of how serious the issue of unnecessary packaging is. And if you have any ideas for possible recycling solutions, please share them in the comments section below.

#1. If there's one thing the world needs it's more disposable plastic packaging.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: radioactivecowz

#2. Is this even real?

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Ui_Hirasawa

#3. "I received a package from Amazon today"

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: iPattyR6

#4. A tic tac novelty box that has 60 individual boxes each with 6 tic tacs. So much plastic

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Woody1992

#5. And y'all, it's not even just FOOD! Look at how this teeny little USB was packaged.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Nice_Sandwich


Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: j_fisher85

#7. This anti-virus software doesn't even need a disk, but that didn't stop the company from wasting a whole bunch of plastic for no reason.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: BirdNerdthe3rd

#8. During their mating season, the masking tape must be separated to avoid unnecessary violence:

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Little_Lorelei

#9. "I love it that stores really care about making sure your products arrive in one piece, however, I ordered a candle!!!"

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: loonybytch

#10. It may look like he's hibernating, but this's just the packaging used to protect the "eco-friendly" light bulbs.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: bigfishlondon

#11. If only oranges came in some natural packaging.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: MysticOfTime

#12. "Amazon, I don't think the box was big enough."

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Cakalusa

#13. "My Dell order of six ink cartridges arrived today"

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: AusJonny

#14. Destroying the planet one apple at a time:

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: mattyfatty1

#15. 2 boxes of tea, 30+ feet of bubble wrap.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: vegetariansnowflake

#16. The packaging of LOL Dolls.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Nicoledhearted

#17. "You think Amazon is bad at the packaging? This is how our shop received 700 DISPOSABLE screws this morning from the supply warehouse. Individually packaged, with plastic thread protectors."

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: ACES_II

#18. "I ordered 4 re-usable straws, this is the amount of packaging they came in"

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: Pamdwyr

#19. Dear Amazon, please explain why you need all this packaging to send us a little label.

Unnecessary Packaging FailsSource: MIrandaJennieJo

#20. As if the allergies weren’t annoying enough.

Source: mattttt15

#21. Gotta keep it safe.

Source: Jfonzy

#22. Today in excessive packaging:

Source: Alsdorf_JAR

#23. Sephora at it again for a .05oz concealer.

Source: OldTownChode

#24. "Oh good! My battery arrived"

Source: jamiestevens3

#25. Buddy bought two mini cast-irons from Amazon

Source: Tokin_Bs

#26. All this packaging for this little item...

Source: dcarcehere

#27. I have no words.

Source: SaveLakeCanton

#28. Lastly, this peeled avocado:

Source: Christine Kizik

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