25 People Who Had A Bad Week But Managed To Make Fun Of It

Arguably there are not many things you can be sure of, but this one thing is unquestionable: Life is full of surprises and doesn't always go the way you plan. You cannot be prepared for everything you don't know if they happen to you, thus getting surprised or worse, disappointed when you encounter some unexpected situations is inevitable. That might make you regret your decision, which led to your unpleasant moments. Don't worry, who hasn’t been there? Bought something before checking its quality? Accidentally destroying important stuff? Messing up in the kitchen? Having a bad haircut? Yes, all of these things and more. Some people have chosen to take photos and share them on the Internet as a way to cope with these unwanted situations. They may have had a bad week but at least they have managed to laugh it away!
We've found online 25 people who probably regret everything that happened to their week but still make fun of it. Check them out and have a good laugh!

#1. Nothing quite like peeling off the plastic on your brand new TV.

Source: CptCheerios

#2. "Bought some clearance sale bread. Now I know why it was on sale."

Source: insertwittytagline

#3. "Literally took my phone case off for the first time in a year to see this. I have no clue when or how it happened."

Source: OneSaucyDragon

#4. "I forgot to add marinara sauce to the order lol"

Source: enough0729

#5. "Come to brush my teeth after a nice dinner, literally screamed “why me?”

Source: John_Remington

#6. "Candle exploded for some reason. Ruined my TV. Thanks, Target."

Source: JaeFinley

#7. When you buy a 120 dollar iPhone

Source: mostafachampion

#8. "Lasagne day. 4 hours cooking the meat. 1 hour making and rolling the pasta. Go to make my roux and…."

Source: mostafachampion

#9. "Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, not making this mistake again"

Source: Xx_scrungie_boi_xX

#10. "I asked for a ONE inch trim but this hairstylist took over FOUR inches off instead!"

Source: makeuplover1111

#11. "After months of saving money for a new guitar, all that money will have to be spent on a new pair of glasses instead."

Source: LilMixelle

#12. "Forgot milk in the car on a hot day. I’m lucky it didn’t pop. It was close. I can only imagine the smell."

Source: Gr1ml0ck

#13. "My "swim-proof" smartwatch (Fitbit Versa 2) died after I washed my hands while wearing it."

Source: Jinglebell727

#14. "Guess I'm not having corn tonight"

Source: BigHead3802

#15. "We ordered a wedding cake. This is what we got."

Source: Chiropteran_Egg

#16. "First time using a pizza stone"|

Source: PointOfTilt

#17. "Lent a car to my brother for the day, and as a thank you he filled up my car, with the wrong fuel"

Source: LevionRG

#18. "Let my friend cut my hair..."

Source: meatballmania007

#19. "I paid $11.70 for this chicken burrito from Chipotle"

Source: alehaus

#20. "This wrap I just bought in the airport"

Source: murfs

#21. "I finally get to try that whiskey I keep hearing about…aww"

Source: huntwithdad

#22. "This steak I ordered... Who serves a $50 steak without a goddamn side?!"

Source: Th3Flyy

#23. "5.50$ now gets you a sandwich smaller than a muffin at Starbucks."

Source: joker-here

#24. "16 hours making bone broth. Left it out to cool and forgot all about it until I came home 8 hours later."

Source: rodrimrr

#25. "Got new cargo shorts and accidentally sat on a stool that my sister was cleaning with Clorox…"

Source: vibraniumdroid

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