25 People Who Brought Book Dedications To The Next Level

Writing a book takes a lot of work. Indeed, a great deal must be done, and the authors often have to face many difficulties. More often than not, they can't complete their work all by themselves but with help from their beloved ones. It could be someone who became their inspiration or gave them financial or emotional support, etc. That's why before finishing, the writers put their heart into writing the book dedication part, where they show their gratitude to all those who have been of help along the way. To everyone's surprise, sometimes authors came up with such funny book dedications that became an unexpectedly effective and efficient marketing strategy. Those thank-you parts managed to provoke interest and curiosity in people, which led to the success of the book.
We have collected a list of 25 hilarious book dedications that have gone viral on the Internet. Check them out and have a good laugh!

#1. "I'm sure that Toast would tell it differently"

funny book dedicationsSource: CatWorkers

#2. Red line under name

Source: EziomaKalu

#3. You, yes, you

Source: EziomaKalu

#4. The audacity!

funny book dedicationsSource: EziomaKalu

#5. For Carley

funny book dedicationsSource: EziomaKalu

#6. Definitely not!

funny book dedicationsSource: EziomaKalu

#7. Sadly, can't relate

funny book dedicationsSource: EziomaKalu

#8. To Rachel

funny book dedicationsSource: EziomaKalu

#9. Listen to your mother

funny book dedicationsSource: EziomaKalu

#10. Relatable?

Source: EziomaKalu

#11. Nick Lake is a great guy

Source: EziomaKalu

#12. To wife

Source: Kiki_7386

#13. To daughter

Source: J_M_Errington

#14. Would have made a terrible doctor

Source: Jen__Again

#15. Not that one

Source: choirgirl181

#16. For teacher

Source: shiverslightly

#17. For mom

Source: SuhasBondre

#18. The leftover pizza

Source: EziomaKalu

#19. To wife and children

Source: EziomaKalu

#20. For sister

Source: ChaosCastleUK

#21. "I've never before chosen a book based simply on the dedication"

Source: nsarnoff

#22. That’s not even a dedication. That’s an epigraph.

Source: SpoonerGibbs

#23. When you're so far in the friendzone you get a book dedication

Source: DarkNinsta

#24. For those

funny book dedicationsSource: MyraFiacco

#25. Don't forget yourself, the most important part of the book

funny book dedicationsSource: neverlandricky

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